Savage MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki|松崎茉鈴のレオパードアートメイク講座

Savage MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki|松崎茉鈴のレオパードアートメイク講座

Since it is a leopard theme, I wanted to express that with my eyes. I moved it all up. Making it look really strong. You should use so much that you think you are turning into a leopard. Mix these ones here. Like being a leopard? Mmh, maybe yeah. Hello my name is Marin Matsuzaki. I will do an artistic makeup style for you today. It will be a leopard art makeup style. Check it out. I wanted to create a matte look, I therefore used these two products. They are really good for when you try to create a matte look. This time we will focus on the art makeup so we finish the base quickly. This is an eye shadow base. It will make the colors of the other eye shadows come out really well. I can recommend starting with this. This one here is a brown base. I spread it over my whole upper eye area. This time I am doing an artistic makeup style. It will be as if I am drawing a picture onto my face. For my highlights, I first used this brighter product on here. In order to brighten it up and give it more depth. Make sure to blend it well so there are no harsh borders. I will create a wing. In order to create a cat’s eye, draw the line quite thickly. After that all you have to do is just drawing the leopard pattern. leopard pattern… Before drawing on your face, practice the leopard pattern on a piece of paper. Or maybe try it on your hands first. That’s for the best. You draw circles, but they are more like squiggles than circles. Be sure to draw them a bit bigger onto your lids. If you draw them too small they will look like black spots. The leopard pattern has to be big. Draw three or four big round leopard circles. Then the rest can just be little dots. That way it will look just right. This is not so important. Drawing your line out on the inner corner of your eyes is important too. Next, I used a large amount of products. This one and this one here. And the darkest color from here. I used them all. I mixed them all together. I created a dark brown. I definitely needed to create a brown that is much darker than the one I used here. I therefore created a really dark color, and added that on the inside of the circles. Dabbing it on gently. That way the color will be clearly distinguishable. This brown is really close to black. Like a burned brown. I used it on top of the black lines. Like a shadow. We are creating shadows now. If you add some shade within the brown dots, it will look good. Try it and you’ll see. This one is for blending. I want to make this more matte and less glossy. Liquid eyeliners end up glossy most of the time. That’s how you do it. Now the fake lashes… Since this is an artistic makeup, you don’t have to worry so much about finding the right pair of lashes. Just pick something that has longer lashes at the outer corners. Since the line on the outer corner is quite long, you can therefore shift the lashes further outwards and away from your eye line. I use a volume mascara. Just apply a bit of it. You don’t need that much on your lower lashes. Just a bit. For my eyebrows I use another strong color. Mix it with your natural brow line. Connect it with the eye shadow that you drew here. See this whole thing a as a piece of art. Connecting everything is important, so also draw your nose shadow here in one go. Connect it. There is no pattern on here, really. But if you look closer, draw the artwork up to the start of your eyebrow line. For the whole base I used this brighter color. Now I will use this color one more time. I use it to blend it all together. Connect the eye makeup with everything. I want to make the lower area darker and heavier too. I use this color here.. Since it is from the same palette, they have the same glitter in them. Use this color for the upper and that one for the lower base. The blush I am using is matte but contains some glitter. I use plenty on the apple of my cheeks. and then move the brush upwards. For the lips, you can already see, instead of a bright red I chose a darker red tone. You don’t have to draw it on very eloquently. Just go over it. It can even be a little too much. Look I drew over my lip line. That’s how you do it. Instead of spreading it completely, Just dab on the rest in the end. It should come out matte. If it should still be glossy, then use your hands to tone it down. Make it less glossy. All makeup should be kept matte. That’s my hint. Now for the contacts, Today’s topic was a leopard pattern artistic makeup style. I chose a vibrant brown that is close to the color of cat’s eyes. If you choose lenses that are too big in diameter, it won’t work well with the art makeup. I thus chose smaller lenses, just to add the right color to my eyes. This time I showed you how I to do the leopard makeup, however you can also use it on Halloween so be sure to try it out. This was Marin Matsuzaki! First I showed the makeup to a friend, she said it looks like coffee beans. What? So I changed the look afterwards. Can I speak already? -Yes. Can I start chatting away? Yeah. Pii, dot dot, pii dot dot. I wonder if people will understand what I mean. Are you getting it? How do I explain a leopard pattern? I Lookes at an image of a leopard and practiced on paper at first. Then I drew that here. Did you explain the lashes already? I haven’t done them yet. Maybe I should do them first. You did them in that order… Oh the lashes came first?! What should I do? I chose this one for the color. Yo! Yo? -Yo! Create large eyes. They can overlap for about 5mm. Make your eyes bigger and bigger. Add a lot here. That’s the rule of the Gyaru. Under the sun glasses hides a GAL! Hello my name is Marin Matsuzaki. I appear in magazines such as “Jelly” and “hashn(#N)”, while working in an apparel store at Shibuya 109. Today, I’m introducing summer gyaru makeup, so please watch till the end.

56 thoughts on “Savage MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki|松崎茉鈴のレオパードアートメイク講座

  1. Marin!!!! :DD I love her eye shape, it fits so well with her eye makeup no matter what. 🙂 Thanks Kawaii Pateen.

  2. I thought the term gyaru was a style like harutams and ayutamas such as tan skin and exaggerated nails , so why isn't she in that style range?

  3. i know people will struggle with accepting my opinion again but i think a normal sized winged liner would have looked better and now let the hate begin

  4. i cant get over how adorable she looks i think shes so pretty the crooked teeth dont bother me i know its a trend which is intresting but this was amazing! i wish i can do stuff like this

  5. ホントに綺麗ですね♡松崎さんのことすごく好きです!

  6. I think the look was perfect! And well thought out with the lipstick and contact choice. I'll definitely be trying this out. 🙂

  7. かわいいし、メイクも好きなんてますけど。

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