Scientific Studies of Cosmic Effects on the Heart | Electricity of Life

Scientific Studies of Cosmic Effects on the Heart | Electricity of Life

Welcome to the
Electricity of Life, brought to you by The
Thunderbolts Project™ at To further explore the topic
presented in previous video, here are several examples of research in
the science discipline of heliobiology. Some are redundant in their verification
of the findings made by others but typically each one has set out to measure
additional intricacies of the observed phenomena, in this case an observed relationship between
periods of higher geomagnetic activity abbreviated as GMA and
cardiac behavior in humans. Along with sharing some of
the physiological details, I hope this snapshot serves to illustrate
the range of heliobiology experiments focused on even just
the human heart. In 2011 an international collaborative
effort of three scientific groups from Athens – Greece, Kosice –
Slovakia and Sofia – Bulgaria, studied influence of
GMA on heart rate. Participating were 4018
aviators of Slovakia. Heart rate data was taken for
various levels of workout intensity on exercise bikes with different
amounts of load for pedalling. Data was collected for
an eight-year period and compared to geomagnetic
activity and cosmic ray intensity. The results were
strong confirmation. High GMA levels were
associated with variations in arterial diastolic and
systolic blood pressure. The authors describe the
curve of their data in terms of the model of
general adaptation syndrome. The data shows physiological
variables reach minimum levels the days before or during
geomagnetic storms. Then the variables display degree
of above normal homeostasis. Later the participants’ bodies
show signs of impairment again, perhaps because compensating
for the unusual influence has expended some
biological resources. In an earlier study of
this effect in 2009, a small team of scientists from Bulgaria’s
Solar-Terrestrial Influences Laboratory and Azerbaijan’s National
Academy of Sciences coordinated with hospitals
and emergency aid stations. They sought to further test heart attack
correlations with geomagnetic storms and to differentiate some of the
finer points of the phenomena. One set of data
included 1192 patients at a university hospital in
Sophia, recorded over 9 years. Another set included
data for 4479 patients throughout the Baku region over
a time frame of only 2.5 years. Some of the authors
later did a focus study on a small number of
people published in 2013. Participants were kept ignorant of space
weather conditions and physiologically tested. The authors noted how much
earlier than geomagnetic storms some of the repeatable
responses were. And felt that particular perturbations of
Earth’s ultra-low frequency pulsations before geomagnetic storms should
be scrutinized in future studies. Just this August, three scientists
at Laurentian University in Canada examined heart rate variability in volunteers
in a controlled magnetic environment mimicking the Earth’s geomagnetic
pulsations under various conditions. The results happened to validate that ultra-low
frequencies in the GMF specifically, affect human heart
rate variations. The authors theorized that
the magnetic fields tested may influence the forces that
govern potassium ion movement, affecting cellular resting potentials
and action potentials in neurons. The high-frequency component of
heart rate are the small variations while the low-frequency
aspect are the larger patterns of broader highs
and lows across the data. The Laurentian University experiment also
verified an implication from earlier research that increases in the low-frequency
component of heart rate variation are positively correlated with
increased geomagnetic activity. Some other highly specific and
perhaps unexpected queries about geomagnetic activity effects have
been explored out of accident or necessity. A study at two hospitals in Italy
analyzed close to 18,000 blood samples collected from the placenta
umbilical cord from 1999 to 2011. The blood generally referred to
as umbilical cord blood or UCB, is increasingly used to treat
immunologic and hematologic diseases. But treatment outcomes heavily
depend upon its varying amounts of 3 traits such as its
amount of stem cells. All 3 critical traits of UCB
were correlated in some way with a cyclical influence which
appeared to closely match the GMA. A correlation this
study verified. Stem cell counts in this
part of human birthing are higher during times of moderately
increasing geomagnetic activity. Meanwhile, blood
volume in the samples was inversely correlated
with geomagnetic activity. So perhaps such variation in the pulsing
electromagnetic background around us simply has a slight
inhibitory effect on the transitioning of stem cells and
progenitor cells into their final forms. Or is this a symptom of how pregnancy
is affected in less direct ways by ULF and GMA influences on a
person’s heart or blood pressure. Thanks for taking part in this
episode of the Electricity of Life and stay tuned for future episodes
on a great variety of topics.

30 thoughts on “Scientific Studies of Cosmic Effects on the Heart | Electricity of Life

  1. I have SVT, so this is interesting indeed.
    I have had EMS come to adminster Adenosine intravenously on many occasions. My small talk while being attended to by the awesome EMS people, usually leads me to ask how often they have SVT cases while doing their thankless work. The last time I was told that it SVT seems to come in waves. The first thing I thought of is the sun. So now to hear of these tests being done, I am very interested and glad to hear this has been going on .

  2. I experience the 'electricity to life' every time there is a new TBP video published. My heart suddenly beats a little stronger.
    Namaste and care, TBP

  3. We've noticed human and animal symptoms that come on during an abrupt onset geo-storm and also during the radiation storm right after large solar flares. It's all incidental but we've gotten good enough at observing these effects and being able to tell what's hitting 9 times out of 10. Cats seem particularly sensitive to the geomagnetic storms… Well call them our geomagnetic cat-o-meters. Since this is also true right before large earthquakes and some of the symptoms are similar it makes me wonder that some of the same sorts of "resonance" issues are happening. Dunno. Just doing observational stuff here.

  4. I am am glad that the Thunderbolts Projects follow the way our electric universe affects our lives from all walks of science.

  5. Very, very interesting… Are we, on earth, humans and other life, like plant life and even insects, affected in this way…??? Plants grow best with 1500 PPM of CO2… Could GMA have an influence too…???

  6. CERN Plasma experiment goes live: AWAKE (the Advanced Proton Driven Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment)
    (Notice the name of the lab in Italy where the streams are being sent? Right in the middle of the quake zone, to the largest underground lab in the world..look in up)

  7. Earlier this year I suddenly started getting palpitations really bad. It felt like my heart was beating 3 or 4 times in a second and felt like my heart was coming out of my chest, it was quite worrying. Then one day after a few weeks it suddenly stopped like my heart had been "reset". I still get palpitations now and then since then, but nothing like the first time when it was non stop for 3 weeks. I am 34 and in decent physical condition according to my doctor so I think you are on to something here.
    Thanks for the video, it has helped me understand a little.

  8. Again we have, or science has tapped into processes that we've neither invented and know very little about. I hope we tread lightly. Electric Universe has revealed that all planets in our solar system and the sun are electromagnetically connected. Seemingly this electromagnetic connection holds true down to the human level and perhaps all the way down to the smallest species of life. Again we should tread lightly and not suppose that these forces exist for us to bend, fashion and mold any way we want to. The long term consequences could be devastating. Again tread lightly, that would be the wise thing to do in my opinion.

  9. I experienced a crazy heart /storm connection and reaction this passed October !
    It was the strangest feeling and so intense ,heart and respiratory increase and super stimulated from huge coastal storm ! I was driving up a mountain road as the storm was coming up against the mountains at the exact same time . The storm had been out over the pacific and I was at the same spot as it hit land for first time !
    I have never felt anything like what happened to me that day and can say it felt like being in the presence of a god or some great power most certainly !
    To describe this in words is not doing the experience justice !
    Thank you Thunderbolts project !

  10. Great video and info… BUT, what was that music at the end??!!
    It was awesome, someone pls. let us know!!  Thanks.

  11. …And then you begin to understand – from a health perspective – how important harmonics / sound therapy / cymatics are to well-being and longevity …even rejuvenation (via stem cell production).

  12. Recall that Tesla was born into the" thunderstorm of the century" as an article suggests.  I suggest that using a third of the baby's cord blood–a typical reserve amount–is robbing the baby of future health and long life. This was never done in the past and is only a recent thing like "dental" mercury.  Please join me in awareness that refusing to allow the baby to be completely infused with ALL its cord blood is a theft of life.

  13. My Father had "electrical" problems in his body to begin with most likely. First of all he had had hypertension since the first time he had ever had his blood pressure taken, while in a Korean War draft physical. He was classed 4-f, told he would probably not live to be very old with a blood pressure like that, and sent home. He was 21 when he experienced that. Over the years, wrist watches that wound up would run down faster than usual, wrist watches with batteries really ran down quicker than they would on other people. They kept time poorly so he would seldom use them (He could tell the time rather closely by just looking up at the sun's position)  His blood pressure was never maintained well even on medications. Even though he was working as a timber man or road construction most of the time working daylight to dark  He had sudden cardiac death at 59. Whatever "interaction" he had with the sun's electric field (one which would have been most directly since he was always outside either working or playing) would have been interesting to study to see if it could have been altered.

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