Setting Valve Lash Clearances on a Portable Gas Generator

Setting Valve Lash Clearances on a Portable Gas Generator

World Leading Portable Generator Parts Supplier How to set Valve Lash Clearances on a Portable Gas Generator The spark plug is located above the valve rocker cover and a bit back under the gas tank. Use a 10mm wrench to remove the valve rocker cover and there they are! Exhaust is on the left. Intake is on the right. Next, remove the spark plug ignition wire. The spark plug is below the heat shield. Use a 13/16th inch spark plug socket to unscrew the spark plug. Insert a screwdriver or similar slender tool into the spark plug hole to indicate the position of the piston. Rotate the crankshaft by CAREFULLY pulling the recoil a small amount at a time. Make sure tool moves freely. The exhaust valve descends first to open. as the piston rises. The exhaust valve closes and immediately the intake valve opens. The piston descends… ..and then the intake valve closes. Even greater gentleness is required to advance the crankshaft so as to stop the piston at top dead center (TDC) With the piston at TDC, the rocker arms will be loose.You can actually wiggle them by hand and feel the slack. To measure the clearance a feeler gauge is required. 14mm and 10mm wrenches are used together to adjust the clearance. Once set to correct clearance, reinstall the spark plug. Reinstall the Valve Rocker Cover. Attached the Ignition wire to the spark plug Insert the PVC tube. Now run your engine to test it is running smoothly. If not, repeat the process. Parts and Valve settings are available on our website.

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  1. My powerhouse generator shop manual says 0.10 intake and 0.15 exhaust. I think it's a misprint. Shouldn't it be .010 and .015?

  2. My 8750 Predator genny has run great for years, now all of a sudden it won't start. It sometimes makes a backfire sound when trying to start like a loud puff of air out the exhaust. I checked the oil level it is fine and I have always ran it out of gas when stopping so i don't clog the carb. Any ideas what this could be?

  3. Dear, Please, Could you let me know what is the exhaust and intake valve clearances for a Briggs & Stratton 30675A Q6500 Inverter Generator – 6500 Starting Watts QuietPower Series Portable Generator

  4. For those wondering what engine you are looking at, it's a knock-off from a 30 year old Honda design. Pretty much the exact engine all of the volume brands are using these days in the 5 – 8,000 watt range gen sets. That would be Powermate, Homelite, Generac, and many others. The only outward difference is going to be the carb, the recoil start, and the exhaust. All of the internals are the same.

  5. Hello I hope you can help me I have a duromax next gen power system xp4400e and I've changed spark plugs tested the spark plug an tested it an it worked and checked all the fuel line's make sure there no blocks and air filter and fuel filter checked the carb and its clean changed the oil in it and there's gas in the tank and made sure I had the key in the Run position and still cannot get it run. Every now an again it will backfire when I pull the cord to try an crank it. Please help i cant work without it

  6. Hi dear thanks for this video!
    Just l would like to know about the generator eu 3000is, how much is the clearance set of exhaust valve NO :00 ?
    And also the clearance set intake NO:00 ?
    If you send me a video or an instruction I will be very happy for that, thanks

  7. Hi dear , thanks for yours great and helpful videos, and i have some questions.
    I have a honda generator Model eu 3000is , I would like to know for setting up the valves adjust:
    How much is the clesran setting for the exhaust fuel gauge valve gap-00 .?
    And how much is the clearance seting for the intak fuel gage vale gap.00_?
    I need your instructions please,

  8. I have a DEK model 5000 from 2010 ( has Chinese spark plug F6Rtc – says replacent be NGK BPR5ES) only getting 50psi compression (when first bought it a valve was not opening or closing – but seems to be now) like everyone else here looking for Intake/Exhaust valve clearances ……..has not been started in yrs (I drained tank-may need carb workk )with 39 hours on it – started with spark/compression/now adj valves/then carb Thanks much!

  9. In 4 stroke engines the piston goes up twice per cycle. Are you setting the valves at TDC of the compression or exhaust stroke, or does it matter?

  10. You should add a little bit of important info like settings should be done with warm or cold engine. Rather than using a rigid instrument for checking piston height, use a plastic straw, much safer.👍

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