Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump | VPRO Documentary | 2017

Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump | VPRO Documentary | 2017

100 thoughts on “Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump | VPRO Documentary | 2017

  1. "Fracking" has been used SINCE THE 1930's ! This is just another anti-Trump, Anti-America, Anti Western Culture, Anti-Caucasian screed by the well-known hate-filled angry activists of the Left.
    In the '30's the Zero Hour Bomb Company was servicing the oil fields. When WWII broke out, they shifted to supplying the war effort. Their business was "booming." Read on.
    When WWII closed down, the call for oil well bombing diminished. The Zero Hour Bomb Company needed another product.
    A fellow who had invented a new kind of fishing reel approached them, saying "You need a product; I need a factory. We should talk." Thus began the worlds largest manufacturer of fishing tackle. The name of the Zero Hour Bomb Company can be found on the mounting foot of early ZEBCO fishing reels. This story is true. And now, you know.
    Fear is the greatest weapon the Left has. And they use it viciously. If they cannot frighten the children, their "Earth" movements will end.

  2. Air bubbles captured in the Greenlandic and Antartic Ice sheet has been drilledup via icecores, retrieved and measured last 30 years and covers the period from today and back more than 500.000+ years (data includes besides CO2 levels also fx. acidity in rain, ash identification from eruptions, oxygen levels, pollencounts and much more). As a reference to the 500.000 years I can mention that man left Africa approximately 60.000 years ago, so we have a, year by year, reference nearly 10 times longer than modern man has excisted.
    Many countries, incl. USA and Denmark have been involved in drilling ice cores and measured/documented the change. Where several countries have performed same studies seperatly they support each others findings.
    Carbon emissions, measured in PPM (Carbon parts per million) has been steady around 220 last 500.000+ years BUT last 180 years, since the beginning of the industrial revolution, it has exploded up to 415 PPM.
    Sattelite photos can be seen via fx. NASA or US EPA WWW and there you can se actual photos put togehter as a little timelapse film proving the disapperance of the ice in the waters around Greenland. Water temp. globally are rising and even more in the gulfstream and other parts of the thermohaline system.
    As water gets hotter it expands in volume, so more icemelt + volume expansion. We are only seeing the first symptoms of a decline that not only accelerates due to the original causes, but also contains a certain road to a variety of tipping points that further can accelerate the mess and even bring us beyond a point where we can have any hope of stopping further tipping points to trigger.
    Let me examplify from todays reality. Maybe you have seen that there the last decade have been found one mammoth after the other in Siberia/Russia (?). The Siberian tundra have a tick layer of permafrost beneath the grassy surface. Due to climate change, warmer weather have begun to thaw that permafrost (why the mammoth´s are becoming visible and can be found). The thing is that inside that permafrost are previous organic materiale that has been converted to methane gas. Methane gas are a VERY potent gas and are 22,5 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. Many many years of global CO2 emissions as per today are in risk of getting out in a very short time, what we see today are like a drop in a bathtub.
    After the Gulfstream have passed UK approx 2/3 of it flows towards Greenland and due to its fast increasing temp. adds seriously to the melt there. 1/3 turns to the right and flows along the Norwegian coastline and there are another tipping point "waiting to get triggered". Along that very long coastline, below the current seabed are massive amounts of solid methane. Currently the water temp. are not hot enough to trigger that solid methane but we are getting close. IF the water temp. continous to rise and the solid methane gets triggered its reaction will be like when you see a bubbling headache pill in water except that this headache pill are over 3000 KM long, its bubbles will be plentyfull and flammable. I have not been able to find a solid scientific estimate over the amount of methane but I understand that it are way beyond the amount of methane in the Siberian Tundra. I am though sure that you can find that number locked in a safe in a ministery in Norway since they have made comprehensive investigations of their waters last 30 years. When normally very open Norway dont go public with their knowledge I can assure you its a whopper.
    Lets take 1 more.
    The great barrier reef has experienced a dangerous increase in severe bleaching events. Due to the rise in sea temp. that will continue and due to the long recuperation period it will eventually end with complete death of the reef. I have dived privately for 30 years. Looking at a dead or bleached reef are like looking at a burnt car. You can see what it was but it has no function. Its estimated that coral reefs are nursery/base for 25% of all marine life. Removing 25% of the base of a foodchain could easily lead to a total collapse of the entire foodchain. I judge that that to a very high degree are a very real possibilty since a lot of fishspecies are interdependent.

    Above was just 3 examples out of many many possible that relates to consequences of our reckless delay in taking action against the CO2 emissions we cause today.
    We NOW have the knowledge AND the solutions. IF we dont react NOW wouldnt we just be ignorant and stupidly selfish in relation to our offsprings and the future of humankind? This should NOT be a left/right political issue, we ALL need clean air to breathe. Have clean water to fish in. Have a unpoluted landmass we can live on.
    Step 1 is very simple really…Instead of what we do now, we have to cover all our needs with electricity and hydrogen (hydrogen made from water and electricity polutes nothing but water when burned), and the electricity has to come from wind (offshore windmillfarms are now more efficient and economic than coal) and solar.
    Every country has to find their own perfect mix of solutions, but personally I would recommend US to start thinking big, we have SO much waters (offshore windmill parks) available and I simply dont get why we dont see the massive uppertunities that this transformation could bring you. There is a radical difference between an expense and an investment.
    Maybe the fossile fuel coal industries influence are the tree that prevent you from seeing the forest??

    The planet can only support 8+ billion people if we live sustainable. Oilsand and fracking are the very worst CO2 emitters. It takes 7 liters of oil to produce 10 in oilsand. Fracking means destroying our underground by pumping acid under high pressure down. What about our precious groundwater. Fracking has provingly provoked earthquakes, and still its allowed in the USA. All major eco systems are on the brink of collapse. I dont wanna spend our taxpayermoney on fixing the symptoms (climate refugees, flooding, draught, cropfailures, a dead ocean etc etc etc.. I wanna spend them on investing in curing the patient (zero emission sustainable living and production)

  3. If not for fracking, the cost of natural gas would have risen so high along with the cost of gas/diesel, it would have bankrupted our Nation.

  4. Odd, how Much Natural Gas exists, and has actually displaced Coal in the Energy Fuel Markets. LNG being Exported also intrigues me, after all those years of OPEC Cornholing the World.

  5. Most of these “protestors” are not financially struggling to put food on their table or heat their homes. They are spoiled, insulated and uniformed “do-gooders” for the environment who end up hurting people for the sake of their virtue signaling.

  6. Yes the Chinese are going all over the world to get oil as well as pedaling their influences they can't be trusted we should do what they do or we will be left behind

  7. Too bad all they do is steal our wealth and never goes back to the people they're just a bunch of fucking thieves it should be strung up from the nearest tree

  8. I believe CO2 producing fuels are an important part of greening the planet. But Fracking is a clear sign that psychopaths will delude even themselves for a quick buck.
    Slowly but surely this crime against the future of humanity and the planet will eventually destroy all clean ground water supplies across the globe.
    Frankly I put each and ever parasite involved in this perverse mercenary crime on death row. They are criminally insane and less than human

  9. 🇺🇸👷🏻⛽️⚒🔧⛓⚙️🛢 Frac it baby!!! Texas Permian Basin, Eagle Ford Shale Formation, and Barnet Shale Formation!!

  10. "trumpland" maybe we can quit blaming every little fucking thing on trump. huh? fucking democrats. Not like your fucked politicians didnt vote for the extra income. Yeah fracking is shitty, but it was around well before trumps ass was prez.

  11. Or I can say omg we are all going to die in 12 years like some stupid liberal. Oh no it’s time to get real and live a life without worrying over the lies. China will kill us and take over if we don’t so thank Trump for your new future that’s going to last more than 12 years. If it hurts you so bad then I suggest you visit China and not come back pleases

  12. This documentary lost me with it's 'Welcome To Trumpland" intro. Yes, we all wanted to become energy independent and quit relying on paying people that hate us, for oil. We still need a lot of fuel. On the other hand, Texas, at the center of the doc, is ALSO the 5th largest wind producer in the world. How did we get there, you ask? Oh, That was lead by a Wealthy Texan oil Tycoon, T. Boone Pickens. He spent large amounts of his oil fortune on Wind Energy production to get us there. Isn't it time we quit the obvious partisan bickering and work together? I know FAR more conservatives here that have solar, electric cars and energy independent than I know my liberal friends, who rarely practice what they preach. Come on people…

  13. Well it slowed down and prices went down , my take home decreased by 60% in 2019 so I quit the oilfield and now I am home bored and watching old YouTube videos .

  14. I remember one January in the early 2000s when I got a $400 gas bill. I nearly had a heart attack. Now, my heating bills are roughly half what they were 10 – 15 years ago. The U.S. is energy independent and no longer has to worry about oil embargoes, middle east wars, "strategic oil reserves", or huge price spikes in gasoline prices. Thank you, fracking. Yes, we will eventually have to move past non-renewable fossil fuels. But windmills and solar panels aren't ready for prime time. Immutable laws of physics dictate they never will be more than a small part of the answer. What we really need is safe nuclear energy for reliable cheap electricity. In the meantime, fracking buys us another 100 years or so.

  15. well i would say …just like all new discoveries, and then long term use of many kinds of alternative solutions , just as an example .. vaping over tobacco .. needless to say theres going to be permanent dammage over a long period of time ..

  16. OPEC Caved After "2 Years Of pressure In November Of 2016" After Years Of Research And Development Under Obama/Biden Administration. This Is Not A Trump Accomplishment" This Is an Obama/Biden Accomplishment, If I Start Building A House In 2013 And You Add An addition On It In 2017", You Did Not Build The House

  17. Just wait…oh just you wait. When your ground water becomes eternally polluted from fracking, you'll be singing a different tune. How many things were promoted early as 'totally safe', then over a bit of time we realized they weren't. i.e. Asbestos, Agent Orange, Round-Up Weed Killer, DDT, etc. etc.

  18. The drinking water in the area affected by fracturing these formation's with devastating underground explosions. What happens to the drinking water? It mixes with the hot gasses. This happened to Anadarko, an Indian town in Okla. Anadarko was an Indian Reservation which evolved into a town. A large pool of oil was discovered, pumped out & flooded with salt water back in the 60's. Floating the oil to the surface resulting in Billions in $ savings by not having to redrill hundreds of shallow wells. Texaco didnt care about the birth defects & deaths of this native area. For 20 yrs the Indians tried to sue Texaco & in the end, Texaco has the best lawyers & Judges that money can buy. Big oil has been dealing democracy to oil rich areas ( S. Vietnam, Kuwait, Irac ) for decades. Whether they wanted it or not. Getting the oil was more important than 50,000+ of our best in S. Vietnam. It was never about democracy. That was the lie we were told. This method of extraction is far below the water. These gasses are hot & we know hot air rises. Seeking a path of least resistance toward your water. Big Oil has a sketchy past at best. Do you want your drinking water quality in the hands of British Petroleum ? Perhaps Exxon…

  19. What actually is "renewable" about renewable energy? Nothing, it's just a word to make somebody somewhere feel all warm and fuzzy. Just like "rain forest", used to be a jungle. But it's hard to get all emotional and caring about a jungle where snakes and spiders and all manner of creepy crawly things call home. But, call it a "rain forest", and oh, it sounds so comfortable and nice and worth saving.


  21. Fracking is a way for the rich to get richer at the expense of our environment, our fresh water, and present and future generations. So it is harmful to the HUMAN RACE, not just one supposed "race" or another.
    We have plenty of energy but since the sun, the wind, water, the earth's heat and hydrogen are widely abundant, the government, controlled by big oil since Bush 1, eschews its development while oil is given billions. Renewable, clean, abundant natural energy cannot be monopolized so they block it, and keep us over the barrel – the oil barrel. This makes us energy slaves – always dependent on their filthy fossil fuels and paying out the nose.

  22. So called "public television" has been undermined and has sold out to the oligarchs who run this country and brainwash the people, at least the Conservatards who think they will get rich some day so they can take advantage of the rest of us and our planet. Guess what. The truly rich will make sure very few more become rich because they like having the upper hand.

  23. Let's get our ducks in a row…. 1) the climate "crisis" is a fraud. 2) oil in the ground is money in the bank for our nation. 3) solar is a bad joke. When we see Vermont replace their heating with solar, then we'll be believers. 4) The only people that want to stop our oil production are Communists, anarchists, leftists, eco-loons, tree huggers, and I saved the worst for last…… Democrats.

  24. Q: When did the fracking industry grow from a little boutique/display thing into the mighty driver of our great economy?

    A: Well, in 2008, fracking accounted for less than 10% of USA's energy production. By 2016, it was more than 50% of USA's energy production. So it grew from sapling-level to principal productive-orchard level during the time from 2018 to 2016.

    Trump became President on January 20, 2017.

    So explain to me please: WHY DOES HE CLAIM CREDIT FOR FRACKING, AND FOR THE FRACKING ECONOMY??? He had nothing to do with creating it!

  25. This documentary is unbiased and presents facts. You guys are ten times better than vox media and actually have long documentaries.

  26. most of these folks seem like they huffed a little bit too much of their precious gas. And greed is the other thing thats clearly the theme

  27. I went to high school in 1969-1972. The well on the farm we rented , was ruin by fracking for Natural Gas in central Iowa. This is cold news. I nearly died from a lack of Water. I couldn't drink it. you could taste it and see the gas in the glass. Not a fan.

  28. Do not give your money to PBS… giving your money to PBS is no different than if you were giving money to CNN or MSNBC… They are 100% fake garbage liberal biased news

  29. If they lower the cost to 30% only investors will benefit .They wolud never lower that price ,to that extend to the regular consumer.

  30. The restatement that oil was the reason for the Gulf War ignores that this was debunked in favor of the simple, then-stated, justification to restore Kuwait's independence.

  31. No problem with fracking , end of conversation , just like global warming , its settled science ,end of conversation,

  32. fracking is the most inefficient business i have ever seen. to drill oil it only takes a few companies to get it out of the ground, fracking takes 20 plus, not to mention all the chemical companies involved. the frack companies only survive off billions in corporate welfare.

  33. A) Hillary was known as the Fracking Queen. B) Fracking is releasing more methane than any other source. C) Despite what thre are saying in this propaganda piece, fracking destroys water tables, both by using them up and by contaminating what remains. D) Until we put people and planet over profit, we are condemning our children to shorter, unhealthier lives. Do your homework.

  34. This is such a hog wash. They make fracking sound all hunky doory when it is not. These people have zero problem putting a well near people's homes, schools, …etc. Put a well near a politicians or some big wigs home and it is a HUGE NOPE.
    Rex Tillerson, Exon CEO/ Tumps 1st Secretary of State, sued… SUED! To keep a well from being built near his home. He literally sued to keep them from drilling. So while it's good for everyone else, it is not good for the rich and powerful. Especially those who actually know what the real ramifications that drilling cause.

  35. Yes it is such a terrible thing for the US to be energy independent. Brought to by the far left. Women can do it also, not just MEN.

  36. The Americans are just learning how to rape themselves after years of ass raping some shit hole country that couldn't defend themselves

  37. So when are gas prices going to go down? All I see is higher gas prices and a bunch of fat cats getting richer! I guess we will wait and see huh?

  38. Even if we stop using fossil fuel, some country like China , India are still using it and they will take advantage of cheap energy sources. We should face reality. We can't stop using it.

  39. Seems oklahoma has been regestering 1000' s of trembers in the past few years Band what. about the tax subsidies for big oil ? Seems like a story in 2008 w/ the banking Ind. While it's the people who are affectd ecologically and financially in the negative…u cant drink oil or avoid seismic catassrophes oh no! Not with the moey u make…. But the 1% will

  40. Bullshit the technology began in 1947. Trump was looking for birth certificates as GW Bush was supporting fracking in the oil fields. Trump was firing f-tards on national TV and grabbing crotches.

  41. This is a really, really unbalanced documentary. No one talked about the earthquakes or the chemicals that pollute the groundwater. This is why Trump rolled back the EPA regulations. What's a little cancer and poising as long as we have oil…

  42. 6:27 he's not one of the people who got very wealthy? im sorry but i dont see them spending millions to build these sites, pay people, the risk, and the profit over decades, you're telling me you arent rich? im sorry theres no way in fuck you're gettin 500 bucks a month. you're actually getting 50-100k a month atleast i'd bet anything. you literally got scammed and that's a fact. careful around gas companys, if you think they wont pull some strings here and there to fuck you out of 100k/month you better think again. if i had oil on my land i'd hire a 5,000$/day worth of lawyer(s) to fight for me. and i hope you fucks out there do so as well.

  43. 10:12 the sheepl- people* will always think you're nuts, until you 101% prove them wrong and show their eyes physically that you are right. (reasons why the spiritual war the world has been failing to win the last 50,000 years will go unwon)

  44. Will you bunch of idiots STOP Spelling Frac with a K. There is no K in the word Fracture. Your STUPIDITY is showing!! BTW its the consumer who pollutes.

  45. 30:45 so basically america fucks over more countries to strengthen itself. classic human vs human. classic business. why are there starving people wahh wahhh idk maybe cuz one country thinks itself better than another due to color religion culture and thinking. we should just kill anyone who makes more than 1million dollars a year. destruction must conquer "peace" it is the way of nature. we need chaos, and its going to happen, you cant fight destiny.

  46. Ha ha! If you really want to do a documentary then investigate the "fossil fuel" scam and how it has propped up oil prices for a hundred years!

  47. "…not as bad as what people think" from the mouth of an exploit capitalist. He has to be a trustworthy fella. Yeh, as he enriches himself with the end product. The end justifies the means. Be damned with water toxicity, earthquakes and the environment!

  48. I know I'm late to this party but why mention trump in the title when this process began in the 90's and really got going in 2008 under Obama? And other then mentioning energy independence none of the content even mentions u.s. policy. Clickbait?

  49. no matter how long fracking has been going on, you can't deny that the fracking process is damaging and destroying the land. texans are destroying their own land for profit. they won't
    give a fat shit after they make their millions, they will just move on. Big Pasture is next on the list for west texas. in the end only the poor will remain. I don't find the smell of oil sweet. Midland Odessa smells like sulphur and dirty oily stinking dirt. Anyone who says fracking is not harmful is full of shit. look at wink texas for starters

  50. I'm a Landman in West Virginia and I do contact work for O&G companies. There is so much money in fracking. Land owners, Landman, Pipeline workers, Drill Rig workers, Equipment Operators, benefit from this directly. This creates jobs, lowers Natural Gas costs and allows many to support their families. God Bless America & God Bless Capitalism!!!

    LoL, fracking has been around long before President Trump.

  51. So Donald Trump gets a free pass on immigration by giving Yemenis asylum but doesn't want professional personnel from Yemen to apply for asylum?

  52. So why is it that every American is still paying for the $75 per barrel pricetag at the pump which OPEC is commanding for oil prices. This money leaves our borders faster than the illegal aliens can wire their money out of the USA , in fact there is a whole industry that gets to gamble your money on this
    This happens on Wallstreet Ann Coulter has only snipped at the tip of the iceberg.

  53. I still think that America should keep buying Saudis and Iraqi and even Iranian oil. Just on the tactical basis of now we US have oil and you don't. Losers don't get to write the history duh!! I'm no rocket surgeon and even I can see what y'all should be seeing

  54. Shale cowboys seem to be going bankrupt, Im guessing when it costs 2 dollars to produce and your selling for 1 dollar the math don't add up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  55. There is room for wind and solar to grow. Nothing wrong with abundance. Fracking is also dirty on the groundwater where lots of agriculture and drinking water comes from. and both are PATRIOTIC issues.

  56. Less wars. If Clinton-Bush/Obama did what Trump did years ago…wars could have been avoided all over the world. America is now energy independent. Trump cut all those regulations on export that the others put in place

  57. Nobody ever complains about what Fracking is doing to their community until it happens to yours, looks from these comments, nobody here has a Fracking operation in their back yards, where are all the people living in PA, any here from the Marcellus shale area? Where are you people, do you support Fracking or oppose it, and give us your opinion as a American who is not making any money from it.

  58. Since 1979 our oil companies could not sell our oil to other countries, today they are able to sell our oil out of country which in the future we may very well have a repeat of 1979 then what will we do?

  59. fracking for oil and gas and "POISONING THE WATER TABLE with fracking chemicals." People are dying after drinking contaminated water (exploding water), while oil companies just deny they are the cause.
    Good luck to us all…

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