Shell Lubricants – Electric Motor Grease

Shell Lubricants – Electric Motor Grease

I’m Patrick in this video we’ll talk
about electric motors and how they’re right Greece can reduce your electric
bill here is a one and a half horsepower electric motor despite its small size
this electric motor consumes a surprising amount of energy here is a 10
watt LED light bulb when this motor is running at full load it consumes over
100 times more energy in this life all many large facilities have hundreds or
thousands of motors and most of them are larger than this one successful operation of electric motors
requires the right Greece and they’re right greasing method com increasing
intervals for electric motors are once a year or once every six months over
greasing an electric motor can be detrimental electric motors require high
quality Greece with good mechanical stability mechanical stability simply
refers to the ability of agrees to maintain its consistency and service for
Greece loses its consistency second rainout of the bearings and into the
windings which would reduce its effectiveness to lubricate and
potentially cause harm to the motor most electric motors require high quality
creases with a polyurea or lithium complex the corner and the base oil
viscosity of 100 Senate stills this is the right viscosity four electric motors
whether 1800 1200 or 3600 rpm if you use agrees that is not specifically designed
for an electric motor it will consume unnecessary electricity for example
multi-purpose creases with higher viscosity 220 basis well consume more
energy than electric motor Greece’s made with ISO 100 full synthetic Greece’s can
also offer additional performance advantages in summary using hyperbole
agrees designed specifically for electric motors will help save money on
your facilities electric bill

2 thoughts on “Shell Lubricants – Electric Motor Grease

  1. I have a piece of woodworking machinery. The maintenance schedule says to lubricate the main bearing with a medium consistency polyurea grease such as Shell Dolium R. I don't seem to be able to find Dolium R. What equivalent product should I use?

  2. I have read somewhere that the polyurea greases don't build up over time like a lithium grease would. Is this true?

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