Should you buy Solar Panels? learn the Pros & Cons

Should you buy Solar Panels? learn the Pros & Cons

According to the Natural Resources
Defense Council the U.S. total installed solar capacity grew to thirty five point
eight gigawatt, enough to power 6.5 million homes. Since prices
has gone down it become valuable option to purchase solar panels. Hi my name is
Ali I’m a real estate agent where my eco-friendly homes is not only my
passion but it’s also my profession today I share with you 8 PROS and
CONS of owning Solar Panels on your roof. PRO clean energy generated from the
Sun CON solar panel will not produce energy at night PRO your solar panels
might produce more power than you can use which you can sell to the utility
company and feedback the grid it’s also called net metering CON The utility company
will purchase your access power at a wholesale price, also you will have to
pay for the service so long you are connected to the grid PRO you might be
able to become independence from the grid. CON with the few exceptions storing
electricity option is not widely available. take a look at Tesla’s
batteries PRO solar panel prices has gone down tremendously and you have many
brands to choose from CON it is an investment or something you have to
budget for or come up with the lump sum up front. PRO there are incentives and
rebates CON rebates are subject to change like the 30% federal
tax credit expiring soon. Check on the link below to see an updated incentives PRO you can own the solar panel free and clear CON you own the maintenance as
well solar panel proof could be affected by dust,lighting
and shades. Confirm with the warranty company what is covered are before purchasing PRO
owned solar panel will increase your has value when selling CON most real estate
agent have not caught up with this fast-growing market therefore they do
not know how to convey or justify the additional value or even ask for it PRO trained appraisal will consider the solar panel and give it additional value basedon special calculation and formula CON only few appraisal took the time energy
and money to increase their knowledge and learn how to evaluate solar power at
home entry an appraiser will suggest that your home has no additional value
simply because they don’t know how to calculate it this was my quick PROS and CONS of owning solar panel can you think of any
other pros and cons please include it in the comment below, please like, share and definitely SUBSCRIBE until next video thank you for watching

7 thoughts on “Should you buy Solar Panels? learn the Pros & Cons

  1. Nice info but i found it a little complicated as regular customer, I think the presentation is more awesome for the professional guys! mmmm right?

  2. Some of my clients have claimed seeing their Inverter light up at night on a full moon. Producing solar energy at night.

  3. I have been in the renewable energy field for some time now and have used many products for instructional purposes, but this [link here>>> ] is the best. It has all the material needed to get people here in the IBEW up and running for the installation and design of solar systems.

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  5. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to learn about building a solar energy home try Magonsi Solar System Expert (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  6. After speaking to a solar company i wasn't impressed. It will not run an entire house plus the power company i use tacks on a fee when anyone installs solar panels.

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