Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant!

Sneaking Inside an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant!

right now standing in front of one of four massive abandoned nuclear reactors at this unfinished power plant construction was halted in the 80s and it set just like this ever since come with us as we take you inside and explore the depths of this monolithic structure [Music] there’s so many spiderwebs holy fuck look at this this is what we’re walking through oh my god there’s probably all over that doesn’t look safe we began our mission at 4:00 a.m. and ventured into the dark forest that stood between us and the power plant the aircraft warning lights atop the cooling tower lit up the sky like a beacon leading us towards our target oh yes oh my god it’s a 3 inch 4 inch spider holy Shi that looks like it’ll kill you on show under its web your first fine so our strategy going into this place to do something called pre donning where you basically use the darkness to your advantage to get into a secure facility and then once the light comes up you use that light to explore it’s normally a good plan but when you have to go through a really thick spider-infested forest to get there you run into some complications it’s clear here targeting like yeah we are waiting you just have to go for it through here get ready yeah I guess we soon realized that the trail we were following led nowhere and our only option left was to go directly through the brush like this this is like as high as we are this is our only option [Music] as daylight broke we made it into a grassy clearing and the massive cooling tower was finally in our sights [Music] we’re so behind it’s already light out so it’s not so much a Pradhan anymore once we get to the building hopefully no one will see us Sani topic [Music] it’s really fucking [Music] let’s just go straight in there [Music] now we really don’t want to get going here fucking exhausted already after over an hour of trekking we’re finally inside now it’s time to explore this massive structure oh this is pretty it’s like portal kind of yeah the abandoned parts I get banding levels that’s a big drop yeah sameer oh this place is full of huge drops mmm-hmm so this is either a dead end or it’s just a zig zagging doorway to prevent radiation from escaping I’m guessing it’s just a zigzagging doorway yep [Music] holy cow this gargantuan building was a turbine Hall where steam from a reactor would have been converted into electricity plant has four of these turbine halls one for each of the four reactors who knows where that goes try and find the hidden Mickey look at all the birds that’s a lot of vultures so this side has two of those round circular things which were they’re going to be the reactor cores this one there and that one should be over in this building and we’re gonna check out this one which seems to be less finished but it still looks cool so this whole complex had two of these units which were in now we’re only going to explore this half probably because it’s more complete than the other half so there’s just two but total there four creepy noises are you recording I thought you’re that person that’s scary oh my God look at this place I don’t trust this let me go I don’t think you should trust that I trust it the whole thing is fucking the flexing once you’re into the metal or he’ll be fine but yeah that was probably a frog down there it’s a dead end all that for nothing it’s a doorway in there it’s probably gonna lead to another death trap well I see a solid floor so far this isn’t gonna go anywhere I don’t think that’s the core right there that metal cylinder yeah that’s like the first main wall for it yeah the cement there’s heavy been completed yet it’s just the retaining wall but that’s the core like the unit the metal thing yeah this looks more promising let’s look through here for a little teaser the echoes of this frog sounds so crazy in there with the round wall there’s an entrance we walking across that and I don’t know about that one that’s like an actual dancing that’s a death trap right there we have to do it it’s barely on there the scaffold another rebar so this would have been the main entrance and through this distance there probably was a solid door that had us be slid through here on these tracks and put over there that way it would not let radiation through at all should I go across this I wouldn’t it’s already bowing in the middle to feel solid so here we are one layer closer to the center of the reactor and this plant alone would have had four of these in four separate turbines so if they completed this it would have been completely massive kind of want to get up in here and look inside that hole but that’s deep water right there that’s not just a surface water so I don’t think I’ll be doing that all right this is gonna be some ninja shit I see a way to get down into the reactor but it’s not going to be super easy there you have it folks a bunch of pipes the more interesting part of it probably would be somewhere up there but I don’t see any way to get there I assumed there wasn’t much in there no I survived there’s Kari karch drop I stopped so I secured a car just pulled up we weren’t exactly sure what this vehicle was doing it was occupied and conveniently parked and from an opening that we had to cross after several minutes we were getting tired of waiting and decided to go the other direction in search of an alternate route finally back to where we had started whose people driving by right now I mean a brush the staircase is missing the landings and the steps but it still scalable the area now I’m sure there have been many floors above this if it was actually finished yeah that one has another floor bill yeah let’s see what’s this way now this is a nice view of the reactor go pole vault – there I saw onto the pole I might swing you down to the bottom definitely not long enough for that so this region of this plant is in through the 50s to the 70s they were seeing huge spikes and electricity demand like every five years about it would double and also nuclear technology was relatively new at the time and people were really optimistic and excited about it so the company for this region decide to order seven of these nuclear plants which is a ton of nuclear power considering how much electricity one nuclear plant can put out but it takes ten years to build one and they didn’t know how crazy the man was going to be and they figured they would rather have too much electricity than not enough because not having enough would have a lot more severe consequences and having too much it sounded like a good plan but unfortunately it all went very wrong first off the Three Mile Island incident happened and public perception nosedived for nuclear energy and this also led to a lot of new regulations surrounding the construction of these plants and it really just made the timelines for building these really long and it became a lot more expensive to build them all so the company that ordered these seven plants realize that the demand that they estimated was just not there and they were going to be way underwater on these plants so they just cut their losses pretty much I think only one of them ever finished to the point of being in operation and there’s a bunch of these partially constructed ones still abandoned and this is one of the more completed ones I think these two reactors are somewhere between 30 and 40 percent complete [Music] with the entirety of the first reactor unit explored you are now ready to make our way to the second more complete building so we’re just going to cut straight across directly to the open door in the other building my name is a small portion where we’ll be visible but not a lot yeah I’m shaping everything pretty open here [Music] look what’s up ahead a great view of the cooling tower this is the shot so they’re actually catwalks there like a ladder going all the way up the side of that I bet if we came at night we can do it but fuck that it’s way too sketchy think about it it curves up towards the top so you’d be hanging back up there well the ladder reverses direction to go out so you’d be climbing facing away from the tower and just looking off into nothingness that’s crazy okay yeah it’s off to do this just like the room you’re in the other time they have stuff they have another floor into another floor and stuff stored back there there’s a lot dumped in there uh-huh barrels and nasty shit so this is the way that the reactor it’s the same as the other side yeah that’s a basically that mirror let’s go on in one of these cuz this sides more completed than the other so there might be more stuff well there’s some kind of floor I wouldn’t trust it it’s taller to the green walls covered in the algae looks awesome [Music] holy shit there’s vultures look how much they’re weighing nothing down when they fly away it’s probably all gonna oh that’s that lazy one still there hmm they even built a temporary will Hall here and then someone broke it down oh my god there’s a lot in here it’s like raining feathers on me [Music] look up in the rebar there’s so many just swamped down there despite being abandoned the building still felt alive thanks to these vultures and the other wildlife at least something still has a use for these ruins [Music] you think they’re using the little holes is like nests a mite I just saw one coming out of one what’s really interesting to me is at no point anywhere on the reactor does it come in contact with the rest of the building like if you look there’s gaps between this building it’s a completely separate building you could see the rails over there from where they would put a gantry crane to lift whatever equipment they needed before below it’s a big space over there too it’s probably like been where they put the spent fuel rods leaves at the other nuclear plant we had the place where they had the big crane was right above the pools for the used fuel rods yeah this facility is massive [Music] that’s roof or what is what he’s currently the roof I’m sure we’re supposed to go up even higher [Music] the vultures are circling [Music] [Music] with this absolutely amazing view will conclude our exploration [Music] [Music] these baths of geometric chunks of concrete and steel are some of the most unnatural structures you could imagine and yet nature was having no problem taking over inside this stark contrast made for a beautiful and surreal exploration that we’ll never forget we hope you enjoyed coming along [Music] [Music] you

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  2. I still do not get why these places are forbidden to get into. If it is for the sheer sake of safety, then literally put a sign up that if you fall and break your arm its your own fault for coming here. As if that shouldnt already be in the heads of the people going there anyhow. If its for the looters… Yea ok I do understand that to a degree but no one is going to steal that big hunk of metal in the center.

  3. How this video starts:
    "Hey guys I found out a way to get radiation poisoning, and only have a week left to live"

    Ali-a intro plays*

  4. The round things you’re referring to as “reactor cores” is actually cooling towers.. Reactor cores are seated in concrete beds, where the actual fuel bundles are located.

  5. This is one of the most amazing videos I've seen on YouTube. Stranger and scarier than most science fiction. The minimal use of music and sound was extremely effective. I also have to say the technology displayed is awesome even in ruins.Too bad we can't channel that know-how into something positive. I went through the Three Mile Island disaster and the plant was finally closed down last Friday. Maybe you can explore that at some point.

  6. You guys are lucky to be alive, especially the dude in the white shirt. Don't need to be risking your lives just to make some YouTube videos.

  7. 19:36

    that pipe was probably leaking some sort of gas. In the USA (I don’t know about other countries) they added a smell that attracts vultures to gas. By doing this, the people would just look at where the vultures are and know where a gas leak is. (It would also explain why it stinks so much)

  8. well we now know after watching this episode who is the bigger pussy and which one of you 2 is pitching and receiving

  9. Im a new subscriber I like your show but if you want that professional feel loose the foul language , just tryin to help

  10. Fuckin-eh these two are complete douche bags, 30 seconds to 20 minutes into the vid haven’t stopped once thinking about punching their faces in for thee amount of cringe they’ve said.

  11. i would love a cod map like this , it be so nice if they used this place for paintball. assuming that they can make it safe .

  12. Nuclear energy is the only clean energy humans need. Once it leaks humans die and the nature restore. Nuclear power plant is the real thanos

  13. This video was somewhat interesting.

    All i see here is a pile of concrete and steel.

    Nothing of special interest here.

    You will not find nuclear fuel rods in this place.

    If you did you could sell them for a hefty price to a scientist.

  14. Hope you didn't get irradiated.

    Bring a Geiger counter next time.

    Radiation can be very damaging and thats not cool.

  15. Listen guys. Next time do yourself a favor and wear some protective gear like gloves, hard hats. It's better to be in one piece and continue making videos.

  16. Is this Zimmerman powerplant near Cincinnati Ohio? I know it had become a traditional coal fired plant but it still uses the completed cooling towers that are normally used for nuclear plants water cooling. Not sure if Zimmerman has any abandoned portions

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  18. I hate to think how much money got poured into that project for nothing. I'm sure their customers ended up paying for it through rate hikes.

  19. Did it ever occur to you that it might not be safe to be there? there might be still radioactive materials. You're risking getting yourself exposed to it.

  20. 12:44
    That looks like a first generation dodge durango suv. It doesn’t really look like a security suv to me. But who knows. He may be unmarked.

  21. The spiders were all harmless orb weavers. It is nasty to walk into their webs, though. Especially when they start vibrating.

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