Come to find out Lisa knows more than most of the technicians we’ve met so far Your son or daughter also have a Youtuber Ken and as a person walks and they’re from Alaska they’ve been doing this for about seven years This is Ben and Rebecca from his and her vlogs so that’s pretty awesome my last videos and technical videos and our V videos that now Expedition vehicle. Yeah, getting ready to go world alight, so it’s awesome. We’ve met them as well. Very nice couple of you Check them out yet. Please do isn’t hers blocks So we’re here to talk about the battleborn batteries, which I know nothing about, but I’ve been learning a lot I’ll just give you a little background on myself. So you like where is this person coming from? I have a 38 foot diesel pusher chip and red and it’s a 2010 I purchased it of just about a year ago now and I travel basically by myself My mother did some traveling with me, but right now just by myself, so I I work on it I Drive it I have a long-standing history of being around RVs. My parents had them all my life. And so I really enjoy camping life And then my prayer history is that I was a registered position and it may be trauma for 33 years. Yes Oh, I deserve my retirement And so I have a lot of technical information from all that education I did in physics and chemistry and then I have a lot of just general education My dad was always working on something and I was right up there with him you had to be able to change your own tire and and you know to change your own oil and do everything that You did and so I have a lot of information because sometimes people go, you know how to shoot what she’s talking about but I do have a lot of information from a lot of years of experience, but she really does I Decided about three years ago I wanted to do this and so I did a lot of research for two years on which which coach I wanted why I wanted it what I Even what I want to do with it and one of the biggest most important things to me that I realized was lead for coaches That I wanted so learn and I wanted my memories and mainly because I know I love people who were great but I also like sometimes to have some long time and not the You know close to Every every single person and a lot of the wonderful things to see in our country are out in the boondocks sort of the national parks And so when I bought my coach last year The only thing on my checklist that I wanted that it didn’t have was solar and batteries, so this year I didn’t install Yeah I put 800 watts of solar on my RV Tiltable solar and then I rewired my arm because it wasn’t wired for solar because it’s in 2010 Upgraded my inverter my PT controller let her vote And then my thing a battery sent a lot of people definitely understand all about what the batteries yet, but they are Going to me the best thing never happened here right now We’re talking I was tying up day, you know one of the things that I learned without my sole Education of myself was that if you talk to the Guru’s who are installing solar? They really upsell you on a lot of things that you don’t need The first person that came in actually did and asked what for me estimated twenty eight thousand dollars to put solar and lithium batteries online That’s just absolutely ridiculous. Wait a minute. You tell me that people actually try to help so They do really do And so I like to tell people I did very basic information and I literally with my 800 watts of solar my for lithium 100 amp batteries about a bunch I can for short periods of time run my air conditioner, you know Like I was telling you what I I stopped to get fuel. I usually buy my air conditioners to keep my dog school And so now I turn the engine of the generator off to fuel up Then I iced tell Derek ministers doesn’t running on batteries. The longest I ran the air conditioners is 40 minutes there It’s not made to run your hair conditioners I love people understand that but the fact that it can run the air conditioners tells you that it’s very well set up Because otherwise would be able to do that I can run my microwave off of it if we need me for short periods of time things like that one of the biggest license Yeah One of the biggest things I I think that people do is they put way too much solar and so with 800 watts of solar my batteries are Pretty much 85 to 100 percent cool all the time. Even if I’m only using about batteries So what that tells you is that I have plenty of solar I don’t have enough storage, which is your batteries, and that’s where people get big stuff You know, they’ll take a coach this size and you know come put 3,000 watts of solar on well That’s just a waste Especially if you keep left and Placid or AGM batteries because you can’t store that so you’re collecting all this energy But then you’re wasting all that energy. It’s not like when you have a solar house and you can sell it back to PTV, right? Can’t sell electric company here That’s the first thing that I like to really make people understand is you don’t need your as much solar as you think you do the best way to look at how our solar do I Need is to figure out your appliances and you should all have manuals for your different appliances You’ve got comedy amps to take so for instance I got a 15,000 BTU heat pump air conditioner combination and if I my coach and Before I pee no actually measured on this it was pulling 18 amps to start and about 14 amps to run. So I Actually put a soft start on it and we brought it down to about 13 to 14 to start at 11 Tehran Which makes big difference in how much actual energy you need? and But you figure out what you need and how many how many hours a day do you actually use that because if you added everything? Up in your coach. Then you might come up saying you need a 3000 Watts right at the same time You don’t need everything running at once how often you actually use your coffee pot or your microwave or whatever and again Batteries are not made to run their condition so I’m not saying that some people don’t put enough on their batteries and solar to do it, but it’s really not like stop-start means that it Kind of just readjust the electrical system Is it I guess an easy way to say it up your air conditioner so that it pulls less amperage to start It just makes it literally a softer start in and it uses less amperage to run And I havnt people ask me Well, you know since you put that on it you seen any difference in the cooling capabilities I am not. Mainly what a lot of people run into is Solar in it doesn’t handle it because your air conditioners draw so many amps as soon as they try to kick on Its brake groups. So that’s what the stop started school, right? It means you way to think about is the same as like these coaches are really made to run on 50 amp But sometimes we all know you get to a calf down and there’s no 50 amp available You didn’t arrive till 6 or 7 o’clock and you have to take that 30 amp spot And we all know that a lot of times our air conditioners don’t like that 30 amp Especially if we try to run more than one it’s the same thing with batteries or solar or anything else It’s just you have an amount of energy available You have to utilize that energy wisely in order to dip low to use more things and I don’t purposely Want to sleep people to think? Oh we can put solar on and we can run our air conditioner for 48 hours or 7 days straight No, that’s not going to happen And even in the study as part of the world, that’s not gonna happen but it’s being able to I like the redundancy of being able to run your and should push for a period of time if your Generator would quit and you need to get to town or something. Yeah, you know that kind of thing That’s what I think in this so redundancy situation for that so that’s the first thing I like to tell people is because you know I think the more solar open is gonna be better but in actuality you really don’t need near as much solar as people are going to try to sell you if anyone ever tells you you can put Enough solar and looking batteries in to run your air conditioners full time at this point in time with the technology yet right now They are lying to you. There’s just no question. I have seen a Tiffin Zephyr with over 4000 watts of solar and like ten Hundred a lithium batteries and he can run this hair conditioner. Not even one Oh not for a long period so, you know, it’s just it’s not there yet I think it’s coming but it’s not there yet, but it gives you the redundancy for short periods of time, you know Say your generator goes out you get a little more on fuel you need to go to town those kinds of things the other thing that I really like to talk about because I can get some that’s out there in the solar world is that You don’t have to buy the most expensive solar panels They’ve actually done studies And they used the most expensive solar panels on the market and they used the least expensive and this was done for homes But it picked those across the border for RVs anything else the least expensive, you know Chinese produced panels that you can get and what they found is is they all work pretty much about the same There’s they don’t draw any more Amperage in than just because they’re the most expensive but they do break easier if they’re the lower end So most people have come to the conclusion that you know The solar group is that you can really kind of go fiddle the road so I literally paid less than a dollar and a lot on my solar house and got very High in solar panels built here in the United States with a lifetime warranty And did you have how many pins I have 200 watt panel size four of them? So I’ve 800 I literally have room on my roof for probably around 2800 watts, which is that’s a big roof But I didn’t see any sense of just wasting money if I didn’t need them I think another thing that people kind of get confused about is that is the battery situation So can we kind of get on that a little bit? Sure so the old-fashioned batteries are going acid batteries and then we have the AGM which is more what most Homes have now and we have lithium, but you had a cell phone probably You know next to your ear for the better part of 20 years that has lidium battery in it. Now does something go wrong? What’s go i’ll? Yes, it does. But so does something go wrong? What’s wrong with a GM or with let Cassadine? They’re very safe now. So that’s one thing another myth is that well, you know lithium batteries are so expensive They really don’t make sense, but they actually do make sense. I that’s what I want to help you Understand is number one. Their lifetime is more like 15 to 20 years and we’re new in the lifting of battery food And so we don’t really know, you know all the statistics But they know that you know right now if the averages they say 15 to 20 years and so even if it was less Let’s say it’s just 12 years How long does your most of your? AGM batteries last maybe five the way that we use the batteries. These are these maybe five or six? Oh if you think about that, you know Then you would be replacing them two to three times in the amount of time that you all know with new batteries So they are an investment to start with a facile less maintenance Exactly. It’s another thing that has to do it How long your ATMs last you know the maintenance on them exactly how? Well, you take care of it If you remember to add that water, you know a lot of people forget that or you know And and so that’s that’s important though is that it’s longevity So then if you were buying three sets of aging and the same amount of time that your lithium lasted so that makes sense Right, but the more important thing is the capacity is store. So let’s just compare it Let’s take the lid assets out because they’re pretty old-fashioned and most people don’t use those anymore Let’s just go with AGM which is what the majority pound which could be your golf cart battery or just your regular AGM battery that you buy depending on which one you purchase versus lithium when you’re looking at storage Say the storage on your HM batteries is 50% for the exact same number you have four of them for the exact same number of lithium batteries if you Purchase hundred amp and I’ll kind of explain that in a minute because it’s kind of confusing You literally have two hundred percent storage versus 50 percent storage So you have the equivalent of three times more storage in these batteries than you do in your ATMs? So that’s goes back to the question of how much why did she have you know in your solar if you have? 3000 watts of solar on the top of your RV, but you have AGM batteries You’re probably storing like extra nothing and not really I mean, you know It’s very very small first is you can store three times as much in a lithium batteries and so by being able to do that It’s pretty huge So when you buy a living battery now I’m gonna talk to me mainly to battleborn because that’s what I know about and that’s what I researched and I don’t I’m not an Affiliate, I don’t get paid for this. It’s just what I researched it. Thought that was the best thing for me. Neither. Do I? But with my battleborn lithium batteries are 100 amp and that means it’s a hundred amp of usable Usable and there’s the difference big difference on a GM is you can’t use the entire battery? The lithium battery does have a stop point. You’re probably actually only using 85% lithium battery at a hundred amps they make it so that you’re not using it up and then you will not run your battery and people think oh, Well, if I’m driving my looking batteries, you know, that’s gonna be all that money out the window and that’s not true They have it fixed so that you cannot use that excess amount that’s there to protect your battery very helpful So we talked about I have 800 watts of solar. You have a pretty big coach. I have you know, two air conditioners Microwave I have an older coach. It’s a ten So it doesn’t have as many electronics to say the new coaches do on it But I can pretty much run my entire coach so far only use. I just had this done a few months ago As long as three or four days and never started a generator, and I have a residential refrigerator So that’s huge and I have never ever as of yet since I installed the batteries and our solar ever See my voltage below thirteen point six. Well, so at twelve point seven you’re in trouble. That’s when you’re starting a generator I’ve never even gotten close to that. That’s awesome And that’s after several days of boat docking not driving the engine or started the generator So, I mean it’s been pretty amazing much much better than I expected Before I had solar batteries, I would have to run the generator at least two hours a day Probably have an hour in the morning. I mean just for the rezidentura fridge without anything else And so I’ve totally eliminated that for you know Or at least four days and I think it’s gonna be longer once I get out and actually gets a chance to try it out Which is gonna be very soon. I’m gonna spend a couple of weeks up in them I can see what I can move Definitely makes you feel more comfortable because you have more energy there and it’s less likely to go out There’s a lot of other things to talk about the inverter and the solar controller the remote and all those types of things but I think that Understanding just the basics of trying to figure out how much solar you need and then you know how many batteries you need? So, you know, I think looking at what I’m looking at right now I would not have any more sober because I can’t even store all the energy I’m making right now what I’m looking at my next Step if I decide I need info be dad or batteries I have a friend to house of fate Which is a coach very summer to mine his little torso local electronics and he grows 715 batteries and I actually seen him post the other day that you know He’s not having to use this generator at all, and he runs not only a residential refrigerator But he has a full freezer and he’s able to run that off of the next four three three powerful Right, and he actually has less wattage solar than I do But more batteries and I guess what I’m trying to get across to people is, you know, I was almost that person They got up sold because I thought you know, I needed to put as much solar as I could on and you know I really didn’t have the concept that the you know, it’s not all about giving this great big amount of solar on there It’s more about having making sure you can store and use what you have and not spending money that you don’t need to spend Hopefully that really helps some people out, right? She’s very passionate about helping others and making sure this information is out there so people don’t make these mistakes last piece of advice is you know, some people say well, you know, This is really expensive to do and the average person can’t afford any this you know I spoke to a lot of people before I do this and other thing, is that a friend of mine You know their house this already. Tommy says you can do this estate chase You really can you can put some really nice solar on without upgrading your batteries or anything if your batteries are fair this one You know, you can put some really nice solar on. It has some huge advantages For a two to three thousand dollars. So one year you can put some solar on You know You might upgrade your inverter or wiring and then another time you might cut your batteries when they’re wore out things like that So you don’t have to jump in and do the whole thing So many times, you know, we kind of live that lifestyle when we’re trying to talk about the Joneses and you know I was raised by depression age parents. So we’re very frugal but I did the whole thing because I I have a Desire to do a lot of the docking and I decided that that was one thing that I wanted. So when I purchased my coach I purchased it with the money left out of my out of the funds that I purchase it with to be able to do this all at one time and have it Because it was one of my the things that really ticked my boxes to have that done So but you can you know, you can do very simple things I mean even some people laugh at these little class season and B’s that you see around with the outside solar but a lot of people at these little are motorhome tintin run all of their computers and charge their phones and talk about the Portable portable Soler’s and so, you know, it’s not about going big. That’s not the point I want to make it all even you could really do a lot with small But you know, there’s there’s just, you know different levels. Everybody can do it at the level they feel comfortable doing it So a lot of people debate about tilting your soul or not And this is my advice for you at this point in time. My solar is tilted But I can’t personally find out there and tilt any more conducive medical problems But there is coming out within the next year to 18 months an electronic system to tilt and so learnt Yeah, right. So I I recommend if you are adding solar go ahead and add that Elizabeth is for mine it cost me 68 dollars extra per panel and I only have four nails to put the telephone ability on there and That’s not very much considering I know that in the near future I’m gonna be able to tilt that because you will increase your energy containment by 30% by being able to kill with all the Sun And in the winter, it can be even more than that. So thank you for sharing all that information We could go on all day And a little bit of time that we’ve mesh he has told us more than we’ve heard from anybody else a Lot of knowledge I was listening to some of your videos you’ve got you’re figuring it out too. Well, that’ll do it for today Though thanks for watching. If you like this video give it a thumbs up And again, please check out isn’t hers blocks. If you haven’t already they have a lot of helpful information on there as well Thank you. Yeah

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