Solar Energy in Hot Desert Climates | HBKUx on edX

change and energy security are undoubtedly among the most pressing
challenges the world faces today. It is critical to promote and
adapt sustainable technologies and rely more on renewable energy. Solar energy is the
cleanest and most abundant source of renewable energy on earth. Desert regions make up a
large portion of earth’s land and are distributed
across all continents. With abundance of sunshine,
they provide great opportunities for large-scale utilities as
well as residential applications. However, desert environments
create challenges for the performance of solar panels. In fact, desert presents the
most challenging environment for solar panels, where heat and
dust both have negative impacts on the performance, durability,
and efficiency of solar cells. Hamad Bin Khalifa University,
a member of Qatar Foundation, is a research-driven university
focused and committed to solving challenges critical
to Qatar and the world. We develop integrated
academic and research programs in collaboration with the world’s best
institutions to solve these challenges. Hamad Bin Khalifa University
is excited to partner with edX, a global leader
in online education, and join an impressive
list of edX partners to disseminate knowledge to
learners around the world. Participants in this program
can advance their career and earn a professional certification
by completing the two courses offered through this program. The program focuses
on accurate estimation of the solar resources at the site
as well as providing information on the optimum design of
solar cells and modules to mitigate hot and dusty climates. The program itself can
provide information to the engineers who are running
and operating the facility as well as information to the investors and
policymakers interested in planning solar test facilities. We have designed an exciting
and interactive program. Please join us. Join the community of
learners and participate in our discussions and forums. We look forward to having
you on this program.

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