Solar Panel Yapımı

Oh, hello friends, you will do these days with solar panels that convert solar energy into electrical energy project. You can subscribe to my channel to be notified of new videos from my Yeah Let me introduce first before we use materials the IIIIIIII Before introducing When we touch with our hands on top of solar panels solar panels is losing its function I’m wearing gloves so he has priority I wear a glove Let me now show solar panels in that the solar panels 5.3 centimeters square to be 5.3 cantimeters each of which produces 0.5 volts and 0.43 watts solar panel in this way cable to combine solar panels These cables, special cables are soldered on self-soldered IIIIIII These cables thin In this cable, thick As I show If he asks why you like 6-linking such as solar panel zoomed 6 units also connect you here this thick cable is used to connect these two but each of these solar panels in its thin cable used to connect This liquid flux better solder Providing more properly be Important a material other than epoxy resins thereof such solar panels We will paste on a glass in that accept this as the glass it will stand on the glass as all To paste it, but the glass material has to be used where light permeable material, the most suitable material for epoxy resins also work they stay put when leaving them in that way is then driven on the glass epoxy resin before now let’s move on to construction Firstly that thin cable 2 We cut the size of solar panels music (Kashgar-highlander) 50 because I solar panel In the following sizes 50 I cutting cable We finished the cutting process I will place my 6×9-shaped solar panels because I have a full 54 units I intend to get out of approximately 18 volts Let’s start our mounting solar panels 2 solar panel to connect together in series i.e. by one of the above negative Ie the positive terminal under the other need to interconnect if you want to connect in parallel cons plus the need to connect together (Just as the cell or battery) now I’m going to connect them together in a serial manner 9 first of all one each wire to tie our panel Before making solder We continue our flux’u i.e. liquid flux Yeah in this way We’re doing the same process all of our panels It took quite a long but eventually was able to complete Now let’s move to merge merging the other one will solder to the underside of the top of I cut from a long wire I’m driving my liquid cake Yeah such in this way as you want by connecting series and in parallel you want to force (voltage) can achieve This increase, when you try to be very polite because they are very sensitive and can break now This piece still works because the broken ends It breaks in half or something like naughty break from work for longer but the end will produce only slightly less power but produces again I eventually finished in connections right now I have 6 columns There are many solar panels 9 in each column Each solar panel also produces 0.5 volts A column that produces 4.5 volts I want to get 18 volts if you connect all the series together 4.5 9 13.5 … 18 22.5 and 27 volts I’m a total of 27 volts have achieved if you connect all the series That’s why 2 with the column tips Connect these two columns parallel to each other So these two together will produce a total of 4.5 volts The two together to produce a total of 4.5 volts these two alone will produce 4.5 volts ie, 4.5 9 13.5 18 I will make the connection in this way thick wires plus minus those thin wire same way now plus minus minus plus A Way tie series music (Kashgar-highlander) yes, the solar panel is ready right now three minus these ends are plus when coming out of the sun I expect to produce 18 volts I also showed close links this negative pole, as you have seen, from the bottom the solar panel plus pole because the top side plus hooked to the negative first after the other solar panel axis was thin cables here plus the I connected the minus again In this way, the series somehow hooked Recently stayed here and plus The first place we started was ex I get these two to 18 volts it seemed that way in front Yes friends yesterday the construction of solar panels because it took until the evening We have not tested This day in the morning our sun is born We start our test now These increases was the end of our solar panel This was our tip axis yes 19 volts As you have seen Currently produces 19 volts Let’s test and power Tie one engine I paste a band before the engine. In order to see the return I put the tape engine Now let’s link to I tied one end, a tip from solar panels by I also immerse the other end … our engine in this way going pretty quickly it finally The glass that you see here I will be glued with epoxy resin I prepared glass You overflow out of the window when she did pour epoxy resin frame to the edge I pulled in silicon lest leaking from the intermediate epoxy resin poured now I’ll paste glass solar panels Now let’s throw our epoxy resin music (Alan Walker-Fade) I for solar panels 50 I used 150 grams of epoxy resin fiyatıda bit expensive product Each side now It’s spread evenly now our solar panels We are sticking to glass We need to have air bubbles to destroy them the underlying air bubbles We are removing our hand pressing down on top of solar panels I got air bubbles now no longer After coating with the epoxy resin will be ready at the rear of our solar panel music (Alan Walker-Fade) I finished at the rear of the coatings business Now, after drying ready to use our solar panel The final version of this solar panel It was nice quite deal of trouble keratan but whether It was worth it It was very nice So that was pretty good the rear side of such epoxy resin completely dry There was a shiny and waterproof rear surface and glass paste solar panels epoxy resin now ready for use solar panels were made so You can specify your questions about the solar panels in the comments section Do not forget to subscribe to my channel to be notified of new videos in

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