Solar Panels for South Sudan

Solar Panels for South Sudan

With modern technology we can turn the sun’s
light into energy. We are Energiya Global, and, we build utility-scale solar fields.
In Africa there are 600 million people without access to electricity. Many people use diesel
generators, which are both expensive and polluting. In South Sudan, We are leading a campaign
to build a new solar installation on His House of Hope hospital, an orphanage and primary
school in the Yei region. Currently, the hospital does not have enough electricity to operate
the life saving equipment that serves the vulnerable population of Yei. Solar installations
can bring clean and affordable energy to population centers. While grid-connected projects can
reach thousands of homes, more remote areas like Yei are left without access to power.
With your help we can reach all people, like the orphaned children of Yei. Join our campaign
to bring solar panels to South Sudan on and help us bring light to the darkest corners
of the world.

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