52 thoughts on “Starlink – Elon Musk’s Dream of Universal Internet

  1. This Elan Musk guy is just a gimmick and mediocre, He have achieved nothing revolutionary.
    he doing all this just to keep people investing by launching hundreds of projects to keep his Stock high. he did nothing new all he did is combined all the already available technologies and branded it.
    Actually nobody is questioning about space debris and Practicality just because its USA and Elon musk is doing it.

  2. Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are interfering with astronomy.. hope so they come up with some solutions of the problem faced by the astronomer. And due to space debris/junk in LEO, as there speed is much more, in future there will be some problem while launching of geosynchronous satellite.

  3. You are doing great technical/informative videos lately, don't go back to mobile reviews.
    PS. I have been using YouTube since 2009 and have subscribed to 9 channels since and you're one them.

  4. 3:48 But what about tesla? What if you can produce your own electricity and recharge your car at home? What if you can order your food online and get delivered cheaply by a robotaxi?

  5. I don't think that hyperloop is a failure, at least not for now. Just wait for the boring company to developp tunnel boring machines, then we will see.

  6. so if each internet providing source starts putting up some 1000 satellites (on an average) then we are gonna have a very busy looking space. I think its too overt with too many satellites being put up.

  7. This is the most informative video i have seen in 2020. Content, research facts.. i am totally overwhelmed by the amount of information conveyed meticulously by this video. It just made me curious to know about your academic history if you don't mind sharing it. Great work. Subscribed and Pressed the bell icon.

  8. The physics and kinematics and maintenance of 1000s of these satellites will provide valuable insight in building and maintaining Dyson sphere….

  9. A major reason why I am holding back from moving out of the city to someplace more peaceful is for the internet. If this can provide internet with decent speed and latency, I don't see anything stopping me and probably a lot of people who can work from home from seriously considering doing the same.

    Since enough money can get you electricity anywhere (Solar), figuring out water supply should make us reasonably independent.

  10. For God sake, please atleast leave the the space. Was earth not enough for the mankind to conquer? As a child it was everyone's dream to visit the space, we were all fancied by stars, constellations and our milky way galaxy.
    What was the purpose of sending a car hovering around the Mars? Please don't make space a junkyard. Inhabiting Mars won't do any good to the humanity.
    I am sure we'll find a better way to connect the rural areas to the grid. Also it won't be easy for SpaceX to launch such a huge number of satellites over so many nations!

    Musk's was a Pioneer when it comes to Electric cars. His attempts at modern transportation is brilliant, worth applauding. Even thought his armoured cyber truck windowpane cracked๐Ÿ˜‚ -Tesla's shares plunged (after the launch)-, the cyber truck saw a good sales.

    Hats off to TFL, although an 8 min video, had to skip back and watch many times cause there's so much content in it. Worked really hard gathering the information. Great background music and sound, must appreciate your video editor from Kerala!๐Ÿ˜›

  11. Did you know each satellite will occupy 12000kmยฒ of horizontal area in space which is as small as Lebanon country is.
    It's a fun fact. If counts are 42000s

  12. Why Elon thinks and implement projects unlike other business persons in the world. No other billionaire discussed about colonisation of Mars in the past, even the great car manufacturers didn't thought of Investing in EV before the sucess of Tesla. The concept of hyperloop is out of the world. He gave us a chance to dream about a vacation in space in future through SpaceX. I have a notion that he is not from Earth. Some other highly Intelligent alien life form send him to earth to get something done.

  13. Elon is changing the world for good. High Speed Internet in middle of nowhere & with Solar Panel & Tesla powerwall you can literally live off the grid. Just need a Tesla car which can be charged through powerwall too.

  14. Its gonna be of great use for the governments imagine a drone operator can have direct connection to his drone from anywhere…

  15. fear of losing control may make legally difficult here in India. BJP needs a facility to ban it where they dont like others to see. If Elon doesn't facilitate that , it would be difficult. An if he does it wouldn't go well for the company.

  16. Actually, so many starlink satellites will create a major issue for astronomers. As you mentioned, the satellites will not be as bright in later stages but they will still be very bright for large telescopes around the world. Unfortunately, for us Indians it is not a big deal as astronomy is almost non existent in India, so no one cares, but other countries do.

  17. Hyperloop doomed to fail..?

    Woman you have a lot to learn about Elon.. The day he passes the mantle of SpaceX to Gwen Shotwell, he will disrupt that business as well..

    Just hope that he doesn't get another billion dollar idea sitting in traffic..

  18. So, at 1000 sats, 20gbits each, you're looking at 2Tbits/sec. So.. logically, you could get away with 2000 users per Sat. So, August 2020, he can add, 2Million users and have plenty of room.

  19. $200 for a transceiver is practically free. Internet via Comcast in the US is around $100 a month for about 20Mb. The big money will come from the cheerful murder of Comcast. Comcast is one of the most evil horrid, despicable and despised companies in the history of this and every other universe. When Comcast dies a horrible screaming death, the United States as a whole will declare a national holiday and celebrate nonstop for a month. I am only barely kidding, there will be much, much rejoicing.

    The first phase of big revenue will come from replacing the cable and satellite internet providers, the next phase from the replacement of all American Telcos. All American telcos are dripping rampant evil. Do you know they charge 50$ to 100$ a month and limit the amount of data you can download? They must go. All of them. They have been shamelessly gouging American consumers for decades and must die.

    Mars will be funded by the rerouting of the robber baron profits of American ISPs and Telcos. If people in other countries want to give SpaceX money (Starlink will probably actually be spun off as its own company… so the money will go to them) that is fine. But just the crematory ashes of the most evil of American companies alone will fund the Mars colony.

    All the rest of y'all are just gravy.

  20. Yeah, no, they'll monitor everything you do and steal all your personal data, just like the Tesla's do.
    Elon Musk is a scumbag.

  21. How come signals traveling thru air as medium faster than the ones that are traveling thru dedicated medium? There will be lot more loss and retransmission needed.

  22. Star Link et. al. are to further the reach and efficiency of the surveillance economy. Big money in data collection. The next phase of the internet of things.

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