100 thoughts on “Stars and Solar System CBSE Class VI Social Science | The Solar System

  1. heres a tip :the star is a sun its just far away from us so the sun is the closest star in the milky way also the earth were we live it is very large and its bigger than the other star but some star are bigger so when the kids call a shooting star and make a wish there wish is death but i am not making it scary it just a meteor like the vid say

  2. it's very educational but literally BORING !!!!!!!!!!!! Kindly make your videos interesting as well.
    You can take the example of www.makemegenius.com .

  3. The sun is a pure white star (i am referring to its color, not classification). Depicting the sun as yellow or orange in space is as ridiculously wrong as depicting a flat earth.

    Have a look at the links below :

  4. Trick to Remember the order of the Planets of the Solar System in a few seconds https://youtu.be/BnEYEEOcPxs

  5. Mam please upload more videos for 6 class … specially social , maths and science ….more of animated one if possible…which makes its easy to learn and understand

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