so the panels have arrived we’ve got
three 100 watt panels and we’re trying the Flex panels which is super exciting
because they’re super durable I’ve seen videos on YouTube people like dropping
cement blocks on them they’re super light
there’s no gonna be no air drag so we’re gonna test those out and we will let you
know what we think of them what do you think Bob you said cool give me a bend awesomely you can spray down to maybe
we’ll get yeah maybe we’ll get a shot of bob square dancing what’s up guys good morning what an
amazing day I’m actually skateboarding over to a marine shop to grab some extra
parts we need to attach our panels onto our roof I’m just kidding I don’t
actually say probably I was watching a youtube video the guy kept saying ruff
what is that ruff thing roof yeah that’s an electric skateboard I’ll take the
subway because it’s further than 14 kilometers so my range wouldn’t take me
home so I’ll take three stops here and then
skate to the shop come back onto the subway and then go back to the office yeah you’re welcome
about your skateboard to turn a bomb so I got what I needed
but I way overpaid for coulda got on Amazon for like a hundred bucks it’s guy
charged me 160 but I really wanted to do the install that kind of sucks but is
what it is how does it blog credit process hey how you doing we’re
wondering where you got to look what I got it’s Christmas morning and what I
got poo-goh power charge controller that
looks exciting you got some paperwork you basically know what you’re doing or
not I have no idea what I’m doing but it looks really organized got a couple of
black or a black cable a red cable some clamps will fuse thing a couple of
plastic bags and look at those flex panels over there I got em set up today
is solar day we are super excited and we’re actually working with go power so
go power is a canadian-based company I kind of stumbled upon them just by doing
a little bit of research they kind of walked me through how to build my
complete set up which I found super helpful and we are getting everything
basically through them so they have distributors all across Canada and then
they ship to the distributor and then at distributorships at 2:00 so it’s very
reasonable they’ve got a footprint in the States as well so check them out
chickadee check them out we are super excited we’re doing 300 watts of solar
flexible solar look at these things I’m obviously not a professional with
electronics and with off-grid systems I’m still learning so to have an online
and a person that you can actually get on the phone and chat to about is
invaluable hey Batman well you’re looking for a belly Robi
it’s been a while since we’ve been in the Batmobile so the first step is to
punch a hole through the van we did that successfully it’s a little tricky to
find out where you want the exact hole but until these panels you can actually
walk on so what we’re thinking is we’re gonna put like a little piece of wood
that fits in there cuz I’m not sure you can walk on it when it’s like that I
feel like you might break it but if there’s a piece of wood that brings that
groove up then you will be able to walk because it’ll be flat at least just
along this section all the cabling will be cleaned up along the side and then
we’re going to use like marine adhesive along the ribs to dab along there which
will hold them down and then we’re using this crazy water sealant tape around the
edges so we don’t get any wind underneath it’s nice to be back working
on the van blue along the ribs and now we just place and then you can walk on here beauty hey the paint departments open panels
are looking good I just have to say my dad was very very smart and thinking
about that walkway because it would have been very difficult to access that back
so the fact that we’ve got that little those pieces of wood there that bring
that up so you can walk along it you can just walk along this one little section
makes it so key to be able to get back here and work and then turn around and
you can walk along this one section so what I’ve got is my dad giving me exact
strips of internal internal and internal on tape and turn the bond tape this
stuff is like waterproof it’s like gooey it’s it’s supposed to be good for like a
hundred years so I’ve got them ripping meet specific sized strips that I’ll be
running in the on the edges of each panel I’ll try and show you what I’m
doing but it’s very hard to film and balance and fill in and balance and the
nice part of this tape and you can kind of just press it into itself and it does
a really good job of sticking and making a complete seal we’ve got our power
cables positive and negative coming through a nice plastic grommet so those
guys there I’m gonna pull those through I’m not gonna use too much extra slack
but maybe like you know three feet there and then I’m just loving working with
this tape so I think I’m going to just cover that entire area with the tape
make sure it’s totally sealed and waterproof
on this little number what is that beautiful girl contraption so we took an
old crate that we’ve used for our business and Damons built it so we can
store all of our electronics as they’re charging and hopefully I can put some
plants here so basically it’s gonna go you might think hey that looks a little
chunky yeah cuz I think the same thing but essentially it’s gonna be awesome
because right now all of our electronics sit here they exploded in this area
Chargers everything so this is going to be laptop one Chargers coming out laptop
two Chargers coming out camera battery yeah hey Charlie Chapman I’m going back
up want to show you if you didn’t fully see
like what this tape is so it’s like really kind of like almost like glue
like an adhesive and look if you try and peel it up like it’s not going anywhere
it’s like almost impossible to feel even if you peel it up you’re getting like
there’s just no way water is getting through there so you can see even all
around here I did this I covered all the screw holes and then down and around the
fan too we’ve got our positive and negatives coming from the roof this is
the go power 30 amp solar controller so that’s gonna be mounted there we’ve got
some light switches mounted there the best Barty 2 is going to be mounted
there and we’re just going to try and finish mounting everything so we can do
the rest of the tiny group gotta run them along the wall feed them through
here it’s our charge controller so we’re
gonna have a solar panel positive solar panel negative and so we’re gonna place
those hook it into there and then with the leftover cabling they gave us a huge
amount of cable you’re gonna come out of you where it says battery positive
negative and you’re gonna run that behind the wall into the batteries go
Power recommends a inline fuse between on the positive cable between the charge
controller and the battery banks so it’s a 30 amp fuse so basically what you do
is you just cut the positive line and then you’re gonna cut this and you’re
just gonna lock join they even provide like connectors and heat shrink and
you’re just going to so you’ve got a fuse in between the line yeah you guys were a little confused but
basically it was just the positive line I said if there were I know someone’s
watching that life what did he just do why is the fuse in there I mean like why
did they have that there great question Bob so all a fuse does is a little bit
extra protection so if there is a short or if there’s a surge of power meaning
like a spike of energy it won’t like energy is very hot when it runs through
cable so if there’s a surge if there’s an overwhelming amount it could melt the
wire so instead a fuse would limit how much energy goes through the fuse and it
would pop the fuse and disconnect the circuit so the next step is we’re gonna
take our positives and negatives that we’ve split and we’re gonna go into our
charge controller go power even gives you like a little slice amount that they
would like by the way I just want I just one second I just wanted to show you
Amon is not trained properly as far as cleaning up his work area before he
starts another project he’s multi-talented guy but he’s a bit of an
Einstein when it comes to stuff like this but all geniuses are this is the
part where you want to make sure you put the wire in the right hole very
important a narrow long pole passed solar panel negative before we go any
further b.o.b wants to clean up the mess and
then we’re gonna start the tongue-and-groove
and maybe finish that sexy little area let’s clean hey ray I just got a quick question for
you no problem very helpful staff here at goal our parking curb chisel I have to say that
was a little bit smoother than I thought boom boo-boom boo-boom boo-boom
and now we need one more that will join up hey what are you doing coming in
there with that ginger hi buddy what was that oh shit
my dad’s chiseling out those little pieces and I just heard him swear I
caught him on phone I swear so hard because you better not put that in the
vlog unfortunately I’m not gonna put it in the blog but yeah that was super
funny well like they said buddy third time’s a charm if we’re not gonna lie and tell you this
is easy guys this is one of the most challenging parts of the bill is getting
that right but damn it looks good there’s my housing on that that’s gonna
be flush mounted this wires gonna be a little bit shorter that’s gonna be flush
very very happy with how the control center is looking are you stoked ro I’m
stoked to get those two pieces in yeah once again want to thank dope power for
hooking everything up and being an incredible company and resource and we
will see you in the next vlog where we cook the rest of the entire system up
batteries inverters chargers positive negative cables we’ve decided to get to
6 volt batteries we’re gonna hook that up in serious I’ll teach you how to do
all that very exciting stuff this is coming together we’re almost done
super stoked I’ll see if Beck wants to say goodbye to you too once I oh sure
how did today go I know you think really yeah yeah this is this looks amazing
expect event we’re coming next week yeah


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  19. Can see the improvement in little nuances between this build and your first one; good job.
    This may not be an issue in Toronto climate(?) but roof mounting flexible solar is a no-no in Australia as solar panels need ventilation around them or they ‘fry’.
    They are more expensive than rigid panels here too. Maybe not an issue in TO(?).

    Also, that front panel is tucked under the fan cover. Even a small amount of shade can reduce the output by 90% and if your panels are setup in series that effects your entire 300Ws

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