Story of Ancient Shiva Temple of Legship, West Sikkim #sikkimvideo #sikkimfolklore #offbeat

Hello Friends! Welcome to my Channel. This
is your host Ansul. I am back today with a new Vlog of Legship bazar, West Sikkim. I
am going to tell you today a story of the Famous Sri Kirateshwar Mahadev Shiva Temple.
Its annual fair attracts a lot of pilgrim from neighboring areas. Though all communities
worship there, it is mainly considered to be a Hindu Shrine. As legend goes, once there
was an old Indian Baba in Legship. He was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. And one early
morning, he woke up with a strange dream, wherein he saw Lord Shiva in a stone form,
instructing him to go to a nearby place and to bring a particular type of stone and install
it and worship it in full devotion and the Lord Said that to worship the stone thinking
it to be non-different from Lord Himself. One fine day a group of people happened to
pass through and saw in one place a nice, smooth stone which was formed in the shape
of a Shiva Linga, it was worshipped by the Hindu people residing in Legship. One man
became curious and bent down to pick it up and see but then though it was a small stone
he found it was so heavy that he could not lift it up. �What type of stone could this
be?� that person wondered. Others in that group began to try too, but no one could lift
it. Then they altogether tried and still failed to raise it for they found it too heavy even
for their combined strength, they were very surprised. �How could such a small stone
come to be so heavy?� they asked. �It is no ordinary stone!� one of them exclaimed.
Naturally the people began to talk about it, first in whispers and then quite openly. They
started telling �There is a mysterious stone in Legship�. Though an ordinary looking
stone and really small in size, it is so heavy that no one can lift it. Slowly the story
spread like wild fire. The news of this mysterious find in Legship spread far and wide and in
due course of time it reached the holy monks. The lamas of Pemayangtze Monastery, who were
highly respected throughout the kingdom for their scholarship and Holiness. So they came
down to Legship to investigate themselves. The Lamas saw the stone and thought it sacred
with perhaps heavenly powers. That was why it was so heavy, they thought. They then decided
that it was not to be left in a far off place like Legship but must be kept with fitting
honor in a respected place of worship. Somehow, with the power of Mantras, they managed to
remove it and take it to their own monastery, where they respectfully kept it locked inside
the sanctuary, planning to keep it in an appropriate place the next day. During the night there
was a big cyclone and the fury of it was so great that the monks thought that their monastery
itself might be blown off. And the noise of that dashing wind made them almost deaf. �Has
this fury of nature something to do with the mysterious stone?� They Wondered. In the
morning they were in a hurry to open the sanctuary and take out the stone to keep it for worship
with fitting ceremonies. But Alas! To their dismay the stone was GONE! The lamas concluded
that the stone could have gone to no place other than Legship, so they went again to
Legship to investigate and found it in its former place. The Holy Lamas understood that
the sacred stone did not want itself removed to any other place and so left it there where
it was. After worshipping it respectfully they departed to their monastery. After this
incident, now the mysterious stone began to attract many people from far and wide to offer
prayers to the immortal Linga, the Symbol of Shiva. The shrine was built around it and
many years later a temple was built which stands tall and is famous as the Legship Sri
Kirateshwar Mahadeva Temple. All Glories to Lord Sri Kirateshwar Mahadeva.

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