100 thoughts on “Sub Focus, Wilkinson – Illuminate

  1. Love the fact I know where theses places are such amazing feeling seeing a music video based in my town and the horse done ever so we’ll.. done brilliantly as always great song xx

  2. Being a dude born in the 80's, this video has been memory provoking 👌🔥🔥. Also started a painting company a couple of years ago called illuminate painters. 🤣. This year has been fucking awesome for music 🌄

  3. This is one of the best filler tunes ever made. its so absolutely generic and mainstream that it just fits perfectly in every mix. yeah we have many of these songs, but arent they just great? giving us something that sounds familair yet is different and a bit new, thats all we need, a little bit new. to make completely newly sounding tracks is just rare, well we got these songs to give us a neutral moment, logically it may sound mainstream, but hey its positive, it feels good, so just enjoy it 😀

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