Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2710 – Full Episode – 16th April, 2019

Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – Ep 2710 – Full Episode – 16th April, 2019

Hey, Aiyar! – Yes.
– That’s Gardens by the Bay. Okay. – Oh, my God!
It was stunning! – Is it? It was so beautiful.
– Yes, it was great, Mr. Aiyar. Inside the bay, such beautiful
flowers and herbs. There were varieties of flowers
from all over the world. Ms. Babita, did you see
that waterfall? Yes! That man-made water fall,
right? Exactly! Oh.. Wonderful!
Babita Singapore is actually
a beautiful place, isn’t it? Yes.
– Mr. Aiyar, you can see only half the beauty. It’s fun when you watch it
in reality. Isn’t it, Ms. Babita?
– Exactly! And Aiyar even you’d have enjoyed
had you been there. I missed you, a lot, there.
– I know, Babita. But as you know
we were expecting foreign delegates in my office. You know, I attended them
so nicely and my boss was so impressed that he may give me a promotion. That’s nice. So, it’s good
you didn’t come to Singapore. Whatever happens is for good. What do you mean?
– Since you didn’t come to Singapore, you were able
to focus on your work and as you said, you may get
a promotion. So, I was saying, it’s good
you didn’t come to Singapore. Whatever happens is for good. Yes.
– Aiyar, if you get a promotion you should first take me
on a foreign trip. Promise? Definitely..
– Oh, good. Ms. Babita, your next
foreign trip is finalised already?
– Right. Well, I must say, Singapore trip
was so much fun. Oh, Ms. Babita.
Don’t even remind me. It was so much fun that I feel so sad
after coming here. Really? Because the same routine
will begin once again. Get up early in the morning,
go to shop. Dealing with Nattu, Baga
and the customers in the shop. The same routine
will just continue. Sorry..
Sorry, Jethalaal. What are you apologising for?
– Jethalaal you have to go to the shop
in the morning and I called you here
to see the pictures. Go home and take rest. You came
from such a long journey. You must be tired. Go and take rest.
– That’s right. I have to. Because I don’t fall asleep
in the plane by sitting. I fall asleep
only if I lie down. Jethalaal, that’s why,
I’m saying go home, just lie down
and relax. Yes, I have to. Okay, good night. – Good night.
– Thank you so much for coming home.
– Not at all. We could cherish
our Singapore memories. Hey, Jethalaal,
here’s your phone. Or else, you’d have to come
all the way again. That’s okay. I’d come again.
That’s not a big deal. Thank you so much.
– Okay, Ms. Babita. Bye. Good night again.
– Okay, good night. – Good night. Let’s go, Aiyar. – Yes.
– Let’s go and sleep. Let’s go.. ‘Hail the Lord Sun.’ ‘The one who brings light.’
‘Dispeller of darkness.’ ‘My Salutations to You,
Lord Sun.’ ‘Please be gracious to me,
Lord Bhaskara. ‘My Salutations to You,
Lord Divakara.’ ‘Salutations to You,
once again, Lord Prabhakara.’ Hey, Lord Sun,
under your bright sun rays I want to make a new beginning. I’ll try to live happy always. I’ll never feel disappointed.
Bless me. So, let me go and meet everyone
in the society. Mr. Bhide!
– Hey, Abdul, good morning! Good morning, Mr. Bhide.
Good morning. Mr. Bhide, you look quite fresh.
– That’s quite obvious. I feel quite energetic
after coming from Singapore. So, now, I’m very fresh to do
all the society related work. Yes.
– Well, tell me something. You spoke to the plumber?
Just tell him I’m back and he can talk to me.
– Yes, I’ve already told him. And we had to settle
the Holi account. Let’s finish it.
– Mr. Bhide, just let it be. Write the thought for the day
first. The notice board
is waiting for you. Yes.. In fact, even I missed
the notice board, a lot there. Let’s do this. – Okay.
– Let me write some nice thought for the day
and start my beautiful day. Yes.
– Come on. – Let’s go. Hey, Mr. Rahul! Happy morning!
– Happy morning.. Greetings, ma’am. So, how’s everything going on?
– Very good. How are you? Very nice. Do let me know
if you have any work. Okay, fine.. – All right?
So, how’s your married life going on?
– Good.. – Okay, good day. Good day..
– Mr. Afroz! Happy morning! Happy morning!
How are you, buddy? – Oh.. I’m doing good.
You look so energetic today. Tell me how’s your work going?
– Very good. How was your Singapore’s trip?
– It was superb.. Thank you. Good day.
– Good day.. Bhide! Happy morning!
– Happy morning.. Abdul, happy morning.
– Happy morning. Hey, buddy.
Come on, give me a hug.. Yes..
– So, how do I look? Wonderful, Popatlaal.
You’re shining in red kurta. Mr. Popat, you look very happy
today. What’s the matter?
– Mr. Abdul I’m very happy today.
– Is it? I want to live with a new hope
and positivity. Wow!
– And that’s why I’ve started my day
with a new hope. That’s wonderful.
Thank you, Popatlaal. You helped me find
a thought for the day. Sure, write it down.
Everyone should begin their life with a new hope and positivity. Hang on.
I’ll write it down right away. Sure, go ahead. Every day is a new beginning
that’s blessed with happiness. We should live every day
with a new hope and positivity. That’s wonderful..
Amazing, Bhide. Gogi is back!
– He is back.. Gogi is back
after the study tour. Gogi, come on! Thank you! Mr. Bhide!
– How are you? Wait.
– Mr. Abdul.. You can’t do it, Popat. You look great! Awesome! Greetings, Ms. Roshan..
– Good morning! – Good morning! Good morning, Ms. Roshan!
– Good morning.. So, Gogi is back after
the successful study tour! Welcome back, Gurcharan Singh!
How are you? I’m great, sir! Gogi, how was you study tour?
– Did you have fun? I had loads of fun.
I saw amazing classic cars sports cars, automatic cars,
luxury cars and economy cars. And then there was
a futuristic battery car. I also saw the demo
of a solar car model. Guys, the way we enjoyed
during our Singapore trip similarly, Gogi enjoyed
during his study tour. In fact, I saw the whole process
of building a car by assembling its various parts.
– Wow! Dad, in future,
we’ll also open a car showroom. Gogi, we both have
the same dream. We’ll fulfil it soon
by God’s grace. Gogi, may your words
turn true. It’s amazing! Gogi has
learned a lot in the study tour. I wish, we too had such
study tours during our days. Gogi, give me all the details
of your study tour. I’m thinking of writing
an article about it in Toofan Express. So that our readers will also
get to know about it. Mr. Popat, you’ll get all
the details of my study tour. But I have all the details
of your Singapore trip. You guys were enjoying a lot. And, Mr. Popat,
you were flying in the sky! Oh, my! So, you have all the
details of our Singapore trip! Yes, Tapu sent me
all the pictures. He sent pictures of Sentosa,
the cruise and the adventure park. – So,
while we played the match there you watched the highlights here. Popat, what’s the matter? You are chirpy like
a newly-wed bride. Hey, call me a groom,
not bride. Exactly! Popatlaal has decided
that no matter what happens he will be optimistic
and enthusiastic about life. That’s wonderful, Mr. Popat.
Stay like this. Popat, you have delighted me! Come on, let’s hug, pal! Popat, I’m very happy, pal.
This decision of always having a positive outlook.. Never cancel it.. Cancel..
– What! Well, staying depressed
and gloomy. All these are cancelled!
– Yay! That’s the spirit! Let’s hug again! Roshan, will you just talk here?
Won’t we go home? Gogi is hungry.
– Oh, yes.. Well, pals, we’ll go now.
– Okay, bye! – Sodhi! Sodhi! – Yes?
– Listen, pal. The other day, you were
talking about the party. I’m ready.
– Which party? – Roshan. Which party are you
talking about? Well..
– Well, darling, it’s nothing.. Are you guys talking
about those parties? Tell me the truth, Roshan. Darling, I’m sorry. Actually,
when Popat was depressed that time.. ‘I’ve a friend, Tony, who is
throwing a party at his home.’ ‘So? – We have made
grand plans of partying.’ ‘We men will go there
and party hard. – Yes!’ ‘I don’t want to come.’ ‘How can you refuse?’ ‘Tony will have many guests.’ ‘And many of them will be
pretty and decent girls’ ‘who are most eligible
for marriage.’ ‘We’ll fix your marital alliance
with one of the pretty girls.’ ‘Right, Mr. Hathi?
– Correct!’ ‘What do you say, Popatlaal?
– Cancel.’ ‘What is cancelled?
– Partying is cancelled.’ ‘Why?
– I’m not in the mood.’ Really, Roshan? So, you were planning
to party with Mr. Popat! Darling, listen to me. – You
promised never to repeat it. You broke the promise, Roshan.
– No, darling, it’s not true. Listen to me. – Yes,
please hear him out, Ms. Roshan. I don’t want to. I’m leaving.
– Wait, Ms. Roshan.. Look, I apologise
on behalf of Sodhi. Why are you apologising when you
are not at fault, Mr. Popat? Because he planned the party
not for himself but to help me
get over my depression. Darling,
that’s what I want to say. Yes, Ms. Roshan,
he is a changed man. He makes party plans
but only for his friends. He never parties. Even last time you saw
that he didn’t party. Rather, his friends
were partying. In the same way, he was trying
to convince Popatlaal by suggesting him to party.
That’s all. When all the other ideas failed,
Sodhi tried his party trick. This time,
it’s not his fault at all. In fact, I’m grateful to him for he did so much to
help me cope with depression. Please, forgive him this time.
Let him off the hook. Yes, just forgive it. All right, Roshan. But if you talk
about partying again you’ll face my wrath. Darling, you are the prettiest.
Love you! What are you doing?
– Confessing my love for you! Come on, Popat, let’s party!
– What? What? Again?
– Hey! Darling, let me complete. We’ll relish Parathas
and Lassi made by Roshan! I see. – I’d surely come
but you see I have to go to Jehalaal’s house
now. So, maybe later. All right, Popat! Okay, guys,
see you! Bye! Take care! Bye! – Bye!
– Bye! Good day, Sodhi.. Let’s go, Roshan. Come, Gogi.
– Mr. Popat you can visit Mr. Jetha later.
Let’s go to my shop now. I’ll treat you both
to cold drinks. – No, Abdul. It’s important for me
to meet him before he leaves for his shop. You can give Bhide my share of
cold drink too. Bye, good day! Good day! – If there is any work
regarding our society, tell me. Okay! – Hey, don’t
make me emotional. God! Wow! Popatlaal is
very enthusiastic. – Yes. Mr. Bhide, come to my shop
for a cold drink. No, Abdul, we’ll have
that later. Let’s go to the society office first.
There are many pending tasks. Yes.
– Come on.. Jetha, it feels quite fresh
listening to the hymns at the start of the day.
– Of course, Dad. If you drink this strong
flavoured tea that I made you’ll feel more fresh, Dad. Jethalaal! Popat is here? – Yes.
– Dad, just give company to Popatlaal.
I’ll bring the tea. – Okay. Make some tea for Popat as well.
– Yes, I can make this two by three, Dad.
It’s anyway more. – Okay. Jethalaal!
– Come, Popat. Have a seat. Sir, happy morning.
– What! – Good morning. Good morning.
Have a seat. Wonderful, Popatlaal. You look quite fresh today.
– Yes. Live in the same spirit always.
You look better. Come, Popatlaal. Come.
Good morning. Jethalaal, not good morning.
Happy morning.. That’s nice.
Happy morning.. Come, sit..
– Yes, sit.. Here you go. Have some tea.
– No, I had it already. I was talking about the tea. So, was I. I’m joking, buddy.
Though you had it already just give us a company
and have some. Here you go. Have it..
– Give me. Thank you. Here you go, Dad.
– Yes. I made it, myself.
– Wonderful. Isn’t it delicious? Wow!
Very nice. Popatlaal.
– Yes. What happened?
– What? Dad, Popatlaal looks
different, doesn’t he? Yes!
I already told him that. That his
face is glowing today. Isn’t it?
– Yes. What’s the matter,
Popatlaal? – Actually I’ve made a decision to live
with new energy and positivity. Wow. So, I seek your blessings
to make this new beginning. Hey.. Dear Popat, my blessings
are always with you. And Popatlaal my best wishes
are always with you. May you live your life
with new energy and positivity. Yes.
– Thank you. But I want something else
along with your best wishes. What else do you want?
Cash? No, Jetha, I want what you
had come to give me. I had come to give you?
– Yes, did you forget? The mobile. You had come with Mr. Mehta
to give me at my home. ‘Look, Popatlaal, I have brought
an amazing thing for you.’ ‘This is a new mobile
in the market.’ ‘Happy mobile.’ ‘I don’t want it.
I have a mobile.’ ‘Leave the old mobile,
and use this new mobile.’ ‘And for the first time,
along with the mobile’ ‘you get talk time
of Rs. 5000 free.’ ‘That means for the whole year
there is no need to recharge.’ ‘Take this happy mobile,
Popatlaal’ ‘whoever buys it,
becomes happy.’ ‘I don’t want to buy it.’ ‘No! No! You don’t have to buy.’ ‘Why are you telling him
to buy?’ ‘This is a free gift
from me to you.’ Oh! That Happy mobile?
– Yes! That Happy mobile. It was such a nice offer. Jethalaal, I want that mobile. But mind you, that day you
had come to gift it to me. But now I don’t want it
as a gift. I want to buy that mobile. Popatlaal! Sorry, friend,
you have come very late. The bus has left.
– What do you mean? I mean, all the pieces
are sold. The piece which I had come
to give you that was the last piece. You refused to take it,
and that got sold too. Nowadays there’s a lot of demand
in the mobile market. This always happens with me. The thing that I like
and I want I never get it. The world snatched
whatever I liked from me. Hey, Popatlaal, you just said,
that you will live your life with new energy
and courage. Due to a mobile, in few minutes,
all your courage has vanished? Yes, look at that. No. You are right. Jethalaal, a mobile
cannot upset me. Yes. – Yes. Many mobiles will come and go. That’s more like it. When will the new stock
of Happy mobile come? You want that mobile?
– Yes. The thing is its
speed is very good. And now there are
many apps and websites for marriage bureaus. And if the speed in the
mobile is fast, its good. Okay, I will bring one for you.
– Sure? Yes, sure! For you I’ll arrange
one from anywhere. Wow! Thank you, Jethalaal. I’ll leave now.
– Hang on. I am also leaving for my shop,
we will go down together. Let me just keep these cups. It’s okay. You keep smiling
like this always. You look so nice. Depression!
This is such a word if it settles in someone’s mind then a person can’t
come out of it. If you try and make an effort,
you can come out of it. See Popatlaal as an example. Depression was spread
in his mind and heart. And he was trapped
in depression. And then he came out of it. And he decided that he will
live his life with a new positive energy. Nowadays in this
competitive life stress is the door to all
the other major problems. Once you are trapped in stress
then it is very difficult to come out of it.
But you can come out. There is a solution.
An easy solution. Fun, frolic and enjoyment
with your friends and family. And there is one more solution. ‘Taarak Mehta Ka
Ooltah Chashmah’ We get rid of your stress
and hence we come to your house. So keep watching this programme. Keep smiling.

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