Savage MAKEUP TUTORIAL by Japanese Gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki|松崎茉鈴のレオパードアートメイク講座

Since it is a leopard theme, I wanted to express that with my eyes. I moved it all up. Making it look really strong. You should use so much that you think you are turning into a leopard. Mix these ones here. Like being a leopard? Mmh, maybe yeah. Hello my name is Marin Matsuzaki. […]

Japanese “OIRAN” MAKEUP TUTORIAL by kawaii fashion model Marin Matsuzaki

I wanted to make it really impressive. Use chopsticks or some wooden sticks. Hello, I am Marin Matsuzaki. Today, I am wearing traditional Japanese clothes, in the stye that an Oiran (Japanese courtesan) would wear. I will be creating a matching colourful make up style for it. Check it out. For the foundation I use […]

Japanese TREND 2016 MAKEUP TUTORIAL by kawaii gyaru model Marin Matsuzaki

And you draw it droooopy, droopy? Big and clear! Big eyes are cuter. Hello I am Marin Matsuzaki. I am generally working at Shibuya’s “109” fashion store and I appear as model in fashion magazines. Today I will show you a makeup style that I personally think may be popular in 2016. Today is a […]