Harbor Freight 100W Solar Panel Kit – Introduction

Well, I just wanted to give a quick overview of the Harbor freight 100 watt Solar panel kit these are Brand-new today’s july 4th 2017 quick review Harbor Freight now gives you four panels instead of three with 100 watts total 25 watts each those four panels Come into this new charge controller that you […]

CDR KING Solar Panels

so after emailing and calling CDR King for months, I finally found a store which has the large solar panels in stock So I’m back home now, I bought the 80 watt panel and the 50 watt panel. I could spend all day in that shop, I love it, I could buy so much junk. […]

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. – Day 2

Okay, today is July 4th It’s about 2 p.m.. And we have full sun. So just showing the Harbor freight Solar panels under full sun and I’ve relocated the battery over here and You can see that. We are charging the the Multimeters plugged it to the battery just to give an idea of the […]