Hidroelectricidad Moderna 2016 Modern Hydro Power

HIDRO – ENERGY IN PVC TUBE NETWORK SINCE JULY OF 2015 I discovered something BIG in my personality A new hability That hability’s called …….. INNOVATE Innovating might sound hard…… ….but never impossible …::: THE INNOVATION BEGINS :::… ALTERNATIVE ENERGIES I investigated 3 principal energy types WIND ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY HIDROELECTRIC POWER Lets take the […]

Al Gore: The Case for Optimism on Climate Change (TED 2016)

I was excited to be a part of the “Dream” theme, and then I found out I’m leading off the “Nightmare?” section of it. (Laughter) And certainly there are things about the climate crisis that qualify. And I have some bad news, but I have a lot more good news. I’m going to propose three […]

How you can make money with Solar Energy 🌞

take a look at these simple grains of sand look a little closer closer still thanks to a stunning breakthrough in chemical engineering these tiny granules have unlocked unlimited supply of fuel enough fuel in fact to power the entire planet for over 36,000 years and the cost of this fuel is 0 it’s free […]

A Video of the Solar City

The first modern Olympic Games were held in the Panathenaic stadium in Athens in 1896. Since then, the Olympic Games have been a symbol of unity through sports. Now, the Olympics can also promote international environmental awareness, as Swiss architecture firm has designed a solar-powered artificial waterfall building for the Olympic Games 2016 in in […]

Home Energy Cost Review

how much does solar energy cost how much does wind energy cost how much does wind power cost diy wind energy for homes solar energy cost for home how cost effective is solar energy how much does it cost for solar energy how much does it cost to use solar energy how much does it […]