The divestment movement hits $11 trillion out of fossil fuels!

Big news! Over $11 Trillion divested from fossil fuels Around the world, people are saying “Our money won’t fund climate change,” and are divesting from the fossil fuel industry’s climate-wrecking business plan. One year ago, we set out an ambitious goal: to get $10 trillion divested from fossil fuels by 2020. Well…we’ve done it and […]

Why divest from fossil fuels?

[What if the story you’ve been told about climate change is wrong?] For years we’ve been told that climate change is this huge problem with a simple solution: change a lightbulb, drive less. I think common sense told us it was going to take a lot more than that. We were set up to think […]

This May: Break Free From Fossil Fuels

A NEW CLIMATE AGREEMENT HAS BEEN MADE “A Landmark moment in Paris” “The governments of the world have a plan to reduce climate changing greenhouse gas emissions after two decades of trying.” “This agreement should be the turning point in our story” BUT IT WON’T SAVE US “Even if all the initial targets set in […]

Winning the Fight Against Fossil Fuels in New York (And What’s Next)

I call my mom up and I’m like, “Mom you’ll never believe this. They thought it would never happen, but the city and the state together today announced that they will be divesting from fossil fuels.” My name is Beta. I work for as the US National Organizer and I’m here to share really […]

Climate justice in Sápmi: Jonas Vannar, Reindeer herder

JOKKMOKK SCHWEDEN Rentiere sind keine Kühe. Sie eignen sich nicht für ein Leben hinter Zäunen. Sie sind die Rotwildart mit dem größten Bewegungsdrang. Sie sind an ein freies Leben gewöhnt Jonas Vannar Rentierhirte und suchen sich ihr Futter selbst. Wenn man zu viele von ihnen auf zu engem Raum einsperrt, werden sie krank. Das ist […]

Solar XL – A Wave of Renewable Energy Resistance

The Dakota access pipeline is open for business I also did Keystone. We’ve been fighting the Keystone XL pipeline since early 2010 we’ve stopped this pipeline twice and we are damn ready to stop it for the third time again the idea behind solar excel is to put a very visual image of renewable energy […]