Have you ever seen an atom?

Have you ever seen at atom? Seeing as everything is made of them, you have. But have you ever seen one on its own? Over time, microscopes have become more and more powerful, allowing us to see deeper into the world of the ultra-small. Traditional light microscopes can be used to see things like these […]

Getting Started with LayOut

LayOut is part of SketchUp Pro. It’s designed to document and present your SketchUp models. To follow along with this tutorial, you’ll need a SketchUp model. Use a model you’ve created or find one from the 3D Warehouse. To begin, save your model and send it to LayOut through the File menu. LayOut will ask […]

DIY Solar Tracker || How much solar energy can it save?

In a previous project video of mine I showed you how I created a photovoltaic off-grid system which to this date works without any problems but what I noticed in the comment section back then was that many of you are stated that a flat mounting on the roof is not ideal Which I do […]