Fitting photovoltaic panels on a vehicle. Avoid The Solar-Wattage Trap

there is more BS printed about solar panels and how they work and how to wire them up and how to make them efficient written on the internet than probably any other subject certainly that I’ve ever seen said this video is about from somebody who has been working on the ground with solar panels […]

BATTERY & POWER SUPPLY IN CAMPERS | Land Rover Defender | Equipment series 4/15

Hi this is Emeline from the Off-Track Family, hope you’re doing fine today. In this video we want to talk to you about battery and power supply. This episode is part of our Land Rover Defender equipment series so I hope you’ll enjoy. As said before this video is all about batteries and power supply […]

Rivian is Beating Tesla, For Now…

LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 INTERIOR PRESENTATION | Walk around tour | 4wd offroad camper | Our Landy

hi this is Emeline from the Off-track Family hope you’re doing fine today. On our last video we talked to you about the overall equipment of the outside of our car and today we want to show you the interior. So there we are in the car today we want to show you how it […]

Photographer’s CUSTOM Minimalist EXPEDITION CAMPER 4X4 Diesel

I found this vehicle on Expedition Portal. The previous owner lived up in San Francisco. He built it to take up to Alaska on a trip. When they got back they decided they wanted to get something smaller. When I bought it it was just a stock F250 with a camper on the back but […]

Beautiful Hand Converted Toyota 4×4 Van Conversion

This video is sponsored by RXBAR. For 25% off your first purchase go to Hey, my name is Alex Jackson and this is my little tiny home on wheels, Norton. That’s short for El Norteño the northerner in Spanish. I am Canadian and I’m down here in Baja. This is my little dog Willow and […]

Off Grid Camper Solar Panel Installation – Long Term Touring

g’day Brett here in this video I’m going to show you my solar panel installation on my Land Rover Defender for long term off-the-grid living as well as touring throughout Australia I’ll go through each of the components you need and tell you about the reasons why I’ve chosen what I have for the solar […]