Building your own power meter with the Peacefair PZEM-022

Hi there, For a while now I was looking for a mains power meter, similar to the Hopi Meter you may know from BigClive’s youtube channel but much less expensive. Let’s see the content of this package can do the job. Ok what we have is a ring shaped coil, actually a current transformer. And […]

Can We Power the World With a Single Energy Grid?

If you look at a map of the US power grid, it looks like a spider web blanketing the entire country. It’s a patchwork that formed after communities that got their power locally were slowly stitched together to create a massive network. So could we scale that up even bigger? Could we connect the entire […]

Solar Power, panels, charge regulator controller, battery…

Epic fail! I should have said two hours, not half an hour!

Electronic Basics #31: Schottky Diode & Zener Diode

As you might know the common diode is a very useful electrical component. By applying a positive voltage to its anode and a negative voltage to its cathode, current will flow through it and simultaneously create the characteristic forward voltage drop across the diode which is always mentioned in the datasheet. But if we reverse […]

Best Portable Air Conditioner Deals for Summer 2017!

– I have your best air conditioner deal of 2017 and a $100 dollar Amazon gift card giveaway. (soft tune) Hi, oh, it has a remote ’cause I’m waving to you with it, I’m the YouTube deal guy Matt Granite, I find the biggest deals in the world, the hottest deals, and if you’re having […]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panel System Components

[long note] -[Thomas Jenkins] Many homeowners have heard about solar energy and are interested in solar energy, and this is a what’s called a photovoltaic system, photovoltaic indicating that the sunlight is converted directly to electricity through these what’s called PV, photovoltaic panels. And this is a demonstration system that would, in affect, showcase all […]

Schaltbau – Contactors and safety switches for solar energy, wind power and energy storage

renewable energy will shape our future at SCHALTBAU we manufacture switchgear for the energy transition. Why? To provide you with benefits and greater safety. As a long-standing specialist for DC and AC applications you benefit from our experience with solar energy, wind power and energy storage. Thanks to our high quality switchgear solutions. Snap action […]