How to build a hydropower model video – Great educational project for kids!

This is how to assemble a hydropower model provided by the BPA Visitor Center. First, you cut along all the dotted lines. You’ll notice some hash marks. You’ll want to clip these as well. Then you score along all the solid lines, like this. Once all your scores are made, you fold the corners, like […]

STELR How to use the Solar Cells

This video will be about setting up the solar panel experiments for the STELR Renewable Energy program. Here we have our solar panel. It has four cells on it. There’s a schematic down the front here which shows you which cell is which. And each cell has a positive and negative terminal. We need a […]

How Solar PV Works

let’s talk about the silicon solar cell and how we turn sunlight into electricity and then show you a little activity to play with kids here’s our solar photovoltaic array which is the entire system each array is made up of a number of modules each module has individual cells somewhere between 60 and 72 […]