How to make plastic from trees (and not fossil fuels) #TeamTrees

We’ve heard a lot about plastics in the news and it’s not been good news. Plastic waste causes so many problems for animals and their habitats. It goes into the food chain, it entangles, them it’s awful. But that’s not the only problem that plastic causes in the environment. Plastics are made from fossil fuels […]

Chuck Norris – “ELECTRICITY” – WBK Bank Commercial – 2012 #5 | +EN subtitles

Mr. Chuck, The credit for house renovation is ready. Just out of curiosity. Will you do everything by yourself? Chuck Norris is only do the electricity. Are you not afraid that electricity will kick you? (electricity kick=electrocute) The current wouldn’t dare… take such a risk. At WBK bank everyone can by like Chuck Norris. And […]

Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground | Bernie Sanders

Let me be very honest with you. I have got four kids and I have seven beautiful grandchildren, and I intend to do everything that I can to make certain that the planet that we leave all of the children of this world is a planet that is healthy, is a planet that is habitable, […]

Clean Energy (short version)

In Québec,99% of the energy we generateis from renewable sources.That’s because at a hydropower plant,water simply flows in, then out.The new dams we build todaywill still be there in 100 years,generating power.Generating clean energy is what we do,and it’s something each and every one of usis proud of.♪♪

Will Solar Panel Tariff Save Tesla Energy?

– In late January 2018, the President of the United States approved duties to foreign manufactured solar panels sold in the United States. That is a tariff and it starts out at about 30% which sounds like a lot. It sounds like it’s a real big blow to the renewable energy here in the United […]