Carbon Neutral Fuels — Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Fossil fuel powers 1 billion cars. More every day. Each year 50 million more internal combustion engines. Researchers have discovered a way to fuel existing vehicles without warming the planet. Existing cars- carbon neutral. Existing trucks- carbon neutral. Existing buses- carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral Fuels. Synthesized from carbon in the air and hydrogen in the […]

Unlimited freshwater from the ocean – nuclear desalination

Today, 1.2 billion people live without clean drinking water. Earth has 97% salty ocean water, 3% FRESH water. 3% FRESH salt-free lakes, rivers and aquifers. 97% SALTY Advanced nuclear power can desalinate ocean water without burning fossil fuels. Imagine… Water for drinking. Water for farming. Even in times of record drought. Advanced nuclear power and […]