Carbon Neutral Fuels — Advanced Nuclear Reactors

Fossil fuel powers 1 billion cars. More every day. Each year 50 million more internal combustion engines. Researchers have discovered a way to fuel existing vehicles without warming the planet. Existing cars- carbon neutral. Existing trucks- carbon neutral. Existing buses- carbon neutral. Carbon Neutral Fuels. Synthesized from carbon in the air and hydrogen in the […]

Nuclear Power – Dr. Helen Caldicott – Visions of the Future

Can you give me an update on Diablo? What update do you need, except to close it down? In fact, nuclear plants are shutting down faster than new ones are being built. The nuclear industry is a death industry. It’s a cancer industry. This is crazy. You are sitting on top of a nuclear weapon. […]

Unlimited freshwater from the ocean – nuclear desalination

Today, 1.2 billion people live without clean drinking water. Earth has 97% salty ocean water, 3% FRESH water. 3% FRESH salt-free lakes, rivers and aquifers. 97% SALTY Advanced nuclear power can desalinate ocean water without burning fossil fuels. Imagine… Water for drinking. Water for farming. Even in times of record drought. Advanced nuclear power and […]