Old Sins Cast Long Shadows | Tabletop Mountain D&D | Campaign 1, Episode 1

hello Sanibonani, Molweni and Awe, we are tabletop mountain we’re group from South Africa Cape Town South Africa where there’s a big flat Mountain just in the middle of the city we all love her we’re all like she’s like part of our family so that’s why we call the stream table top mountain and […]

When the Sahara Was Green

Just pause for a moment and imagine the Sahara Desert. You’re probably picturing an arid landscape covered in sand dunes. There’s almost no water. Out in the distance, there might be a few camels walking in the hot sun. It’s not the most hospitable place. But ancient artists in northern Africa once saw a very […]

How Green Energy Could Bring More Rain to Africa

♪♪♪ Africa’s Sahara desert is wide open and sparsely populated, a great source of sun and wind, and a prime location, some say, to build arrays of solar panels and wind turbines. And while replacing fossil fuels is great for fighting climate change, these power plants could bring more to the region than just tons […]

USAID Brings Electricity to Maridi, southern Sudan

Government of Southern Sudan joined Western Equatoria state authorities and officials from the United States Government and members of Maridi community to inaugurate the town’s first power generation and electricity distribution system. This is the third electrification project in southern Sudan funded by the American people. The first such project in Yei was completed in […]

A green battery for home use in rural Africa

More than a billion people live out of the grid and spend up to 30% of their incomes for light and phone charging. Mainly in developing countries and sub-saharan Africa. We developed a consumable-based iron battery that uses iron, paper and iron salt, and that can generate enough power to charge a phone and light […]

USAID Brings Electricity to Kapoeta, southern Sudan

Electricity is one of the infrastructure needs for production of commodities that improve the standard of living. Electricity promotes industrialization, therefore providing employment opportunity. It also reduces dependency on firewood and charcoal. Therefore, the launch of power installation at Kapoeta to provide electricity is a good development. The official inauguration of electricity project which was […]

Introducing the FreshBox – an innovative cooler from BSH which works without electricity

Africa, more than 1.2 Billion people live here but over half of them don’t have access to electricity. This, and extensive heat, make food storage a huge challenge. But where there’s big challenges there’s also big opportunities. People in Africa often have to walk long distances to purchase groceries, so therefore they have either the […]

Electricity at all costs: Kribi gas-powered electricity station

Just a few families those who were living at the center near the plant were compensated and relocated but those who remained, living 100 meters 200 to 400 meters from the site are still there. They have been left behind and they are the ones still bearing the full force of the activity of the […]

ELECTRICITY (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 117)

Mark What are you trying to do? This building doesn’t have light and even all these ones don’t have light It’s because this wire that cut So, what do you want to do? I want to fix it Chineke!!! Are you an electrician? Does it matter? Mark Call Power Holding to fix this light Uncle, […]