A Weird New Way To Extend Your Phone Battery

If you’re sick of your phone’s battery dying when you need it most, there might be good news around the corner. Scientists are working on a weird new way to make your battery last longer. Hey guys, Amy here on DNews, and if you’re anything like me you use your phone for a lot more […]

How Uranium Becomes Nuclear Fuel

There’s a lot of talk about nuclear technology, what with Iran and Fukushima and Green Energy being thrown around every day. But how do we even MAKE nuclear fuel? Howdy atomic children, Trace here for DNews… Despite the controversy they often raise, nuclear power plants are a huge source of energy. The Environmental Protection Agency […]

Why We Should Stop Building Dams

Canada’s Syncrude Tailings is the largest. Tajikistan Nurek is the tallest. Brazil’s Itaipu is the most powerful. Damn dams are everywhere and they’re getting bigger all the time dammit! Hydropower is one of the oldest methods of power generation in the world. Today, we often think of Hoover dam, but ancient Greeks used the power […]

Are Solar Planes The Future Of Flight?

This episode of DNews is brought to you by Norton Security. Flying around the world without any fuel isn’t just for the birds. Hey guys, Amy here for DNews. As fuels prices soar and the carbon footprint of air travel gets bigger, isn’t is nice to imagine a world where solar powered planes fly from […]

Can Your Entire House Run On Batteries?

Wouldn’t it be weird if one day in the future you were buying a home and the listing said, “batteries not included?” Yeah well, that could totally happen. Hey there people, Julian here for DNews. Electricity is pretty great. It powers my toaster, my fridge, my hairdryer, my clothes dryer, my air conditioner, my humidifier, […]

How We Turn Solar Energy Into Electricity

I have a very distinct memory of tv telling me, “every hour the sun beams enough solar energy to power our planet for a year.” Solar power, however, has yet to deliver on this promise from my children’s television. Why is it so hard???? The sun shines on us every day, it comes down here […]

Can We Power Everything With Solar Panels?

It’s 2015, I always thought the world look like the jetsons right now with flying cars and clean energy? While we’re still waiting on a flying car, clean energy, especially solar, has come a long away. Hey guys Julia here for DNews We’ve talked about solar power here on DNews before a lot. To see […]