Small Hydropower Systems

To many Wyomingites hydropower conjures up images of giant dams on the North Platte or Wind River, but hydropower comes in many sizes. Small hydropower where a system produces enough electricity from one to several hundred homes is seeing increased interest. Here at the municipally owned Buffalo hydroelectric facility raw water is diverted from Clear […]

One Wine Grower Uses Solar Power for Operating His Vineyards

[Cleveland, GA/Damon Jones – Reporting] From the outside, this might look like just another beautiful vineyard tucked away in the foothills of Yonah Mountain. But take a closer look and you’ll find it’s one of the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly operations in the entire state. In fact, they recently became the only winery on […]

Market to Market (May 13, 2016)

Coming up on Market to Market — Midwest renewable energy efforts step into the spotlight. Tighter supplies bump the commodity markets higher. And the effect of stricter rules on those investing the farm’s bounty. Those stories and market analysis with Darin Newsom, next. Funding for Market to Market is provided by Grinnell Mutual. You think […]

Farms under the sea could feed the world in 2050

This small mussel farm off the coast of California is a window into the future of feeding the planet. – You can feed a vast majority of the world’s populations on mussels alone. Earth’s population is growing so fast that we’ll need to produce more food in the next 50 years than we’ve raised in […]

The High-Tech Vertical Farmer

(electronic music) It might look like we’re inside a spaceship, but this is actually a farm. (buzzing) The crops here are grown mostly by machines with the help of just a few humans, like this woman. Her life offers an early peek at a new kind of farming. It’s a promising twist to an ancient […]

Benefits of Combining Solar Energy and Sheep

[Playful Music] [Newton County, GA/Snapping Shoals EMC Solar Farm] [Nat Sound] “Wheeeeew Come on”. [Scott Fuss/Marketing-PR Coordinator, Snapping Shoals EMC] One of the main things about Solar is, one of your most valuable resources is the property. It’s not the panels that are sitting’ on it, you have to buy the property. And so you […]

Solar Powered Vegetable Garden Grows Food Using Sun Power

[music] Alright! This is John Kohler with, today we have another exciting episode for you, I’m coming at you from my backyard garden, it’s a beautiful day here in the 90s, and the sun is out, the sun is shining, and I want to let you guys know that my garden is 100% solar […]

The AG Stock Tank Experimental – What Works Best?

Hi I’m Mike, when asked why we do something one way, my father in law Gilbert was famous for saying “because that’s how we have always done it” He wasn’t big on change but today we start something that could change how we do things here on the ranch and possibly save us money. Its […]

Resources: Welcome to the Neighborhood – Crash Course Kids #2.1

[Intro] You’ve probably noticed by now — in your years of being a human — that human beings need a lot of stuff to live: food, water, shelter, YouTube. Well, maybe not that last one. So where does all of this stuff come from? Why, it comes from our very own Earth! We live on […]

Solar Stock Water Systems

For Wyoming ranchers water and forage are vital to the success of their operation. Supplying water through a solar powered livestock watering system, like the one you see behind me here, can offer a way for producers to cost effectively deliver water to remote pastures. And there is a lot of discussion about when and […]