Breaking Down Solar Cells

Not all solar panels have the same technology inside of them so today Brian Milholland from SunPower by Millholand is here with me to break down solar cells to see the differences. This is a really exciting demo, thanks for coming in to share with me. Thanks for having me here. Solar cells are basically […]

Why Some Airplanes Have Rounded Noses and Not Pointed

Okay. One day I was sitting at the airport, counting the cash I had just pick-pocketed – no not really, just checking whether you were paying attention — and I noticed a couple of planes parked side by side near the terminal. They looked almost the same, but one of them had a rounded nose […]

Solar Tsunami

The SOHO spacecraft has recorded the effect of all this rising energy. Its ultraviolet sensors show a wavy pattern of gas on the sun’s surface, along with the super-hot halo of gas called the corona. The white regions are places where the rising gas suddenly escapes. Immense loops of ionized gas, ten times the diameter […]