Operation Jericho – Military Action Short

Shadow Base, this is Shadow 6-2. Do you copy? Over. Shadow Base, this is Shadow 6-2. Do you copy?! Over! [Radio Transmission] “Shadow 6-2 this is Shadow Base. Go-ahead with your transmission.” Operation Jericho is compromised. Requesting Angel fire Immediately. I say again: Requesting Angel Fire immediately. How copy? [In-audible Radio Garble] Shadow base, did […]

(Review) Solar Power Reflex Red Dot Sight with QD System & Killflash – DHGate

Hello everyone and welcome to this new video presentation ! Today we will talk about sighting system, a red dot type, with this article sent to me by the vendor so Bluestone001 via DHgate Marketplace. This system is a copy of… well ! It is marked above : Trijicon SRS. In the shop, it is […]