Cosmic Journeys – Earth in 1000 Years

Ice in its varied forms covers as much as 16% of Earth’s surface, including 33% of land areas at the height of the northern winter. Glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, ice sheets and snow play an important role in Earth’s climate. They reflect energy back to space, shape ocean currents, and spawn weather patterns. But there […]

ENERGY QUEST USA (full program)

Male Narrator: Americans used to rely on animal power for transportation and to carry goods from place to place. And oil from whales to light our evenings. Today it’s gasoline and motor vehicles, and vast amounts of electricity to light our cities and power our economy. But one study claims that Americans spend just six […]

Fox News Caught Lying/Knowing Nothing on Solar Power

welcome back to the david back-bencher welcome back to the show if you shop on amazon at all please go to our website david patten dot com click the black band at that link to the amazon on the right side and then just do your shopping you bag your stuff to shopping cart you […]