Volvo Trucks – Alternative and renewable fuels – the way forward

I’m Lars Mårtensson. I love spending time in the woods, hiking, camping. Nature is also a big part of my job. As Volvo Trucks environmental director I work hard everyday to find new ways to reduce the environmental impact of our trucks. With so many trucks on the road, they can be seen as a […]

History Brief: Electricity and Its Impact in the 1920s

Throughout the 1910s and 1920s, electricity was becoming more and more common in American homes. How was electricity making the American home different? What type of impact did it have on society? Electricity had existed for many years, but it was expensive for individual families to have in their homes. It had also been a […]

Step by Step Solar Panel Installation Training Course

Hi Guys! Welcome to our Series Step by Step Solar. It is an online course dedicated to teaching you, yes you, How you can make money in the solar installation industry. We will be taking you from Step by Step through safety, through the different tools that you will need to have, through preparing for […]