120V 240V Electricity explained – Split phase 3 wire

– Hey there guys. Paul here from theengineeringmindset.com. In this video we’re going to be learning how three wire split phase electricity supplies work to get 120 and 240 volts. We’ll look at how the electricity gets from the power station over to the property and then how it’s connected around the property and each […]

Single Phase Electricity Explained – wiring diagram energy meter

Hey there guys, Paul here from TheEngineeringMindset.com. In this video we’re going to be looking at, a typical single phase electricity supply into a domestic property. We’re going to look at the distribution cables and transformer, the phase neutral and earth, the main fuse, the electricity meter, the isolation switch, the consumer unit as well […]

Electric Energy

♪♪♪ -Turn on, turn off. Plug in, unplug. Gestures we perform every day whenever we need to. Electric energy is such an integral part of our lives that we forget about it in the end. But just what is electricity? To better understand this phenomenon, we need to think about the world at the atomic […]

How ELECTRICITY works – working principle

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset dot com in this video we are going to be looking at how electricity works now this is pretty essential knowledge for any engineer so we’ll run through the basic parts of what you need to know so let’s start at the very basics and for […]

Colorado Experience: Hydro Power

MAN: The cost of fuel was outstripping any kind of profit that they could get from their mine. WOMAN: At that time, the power source — coal — bringing that in to power the power plant was becoming impossible. MAN: Mine owners were constantly losing money trying to bring new and more powerful sources of […]

What Is a Power Plant?

Today, we’re going to look at what a Power Plant is, different types, and why automation is important in the Power Plant business. Here at RealPars, we love making videos that help you to discover new and exciting topics, so if you enjoy viewing this video as much as we enjoyed making it, click the […]

How Three Phase Electricity works – The basics explained

hey there guys Paul here from the engineering mindset .com in this video we’re going to be looking at Three phase electricity and this follows on from our series on Electrical Engineering so if you haven’t watched the previous videos on this so far then please do this first links are in the video description […]