Chasing Windmills in the Palm Springs Desert – California

Michel Laberge: How synchronized hammer strikes could generate nuclear fusion

Wow, this is bright. It must use a lot of power. Well, flying you all in here must have cost a bit of energy too. So the whole planet needs a lot of energy, and so far we’ve been running mostly on fossil fuel. We’ve been burning gas. It’s been a good run. It got […]

The TRUTH about solar energy

(snare drum beats) (upbeat jazz) – [Phil] So this may be the coolest video I think that I’ve ever done. And I’ve been waiting for a long time to do it now. It might even be cooler than when I got to get behind the wheel of a Tesla Model 3, and I love that […]

How Can I Go Off-Grid?

Living off grid means that you are not connected to or dependent on Hydro One or any other utility company. You are creating and storing your own energy and this provides independence and reliability. You can live off-grid by generating your own electricity using solar, wind or water . You will no longer receive Hydro […]

Solar Innovations Reduce Energy Costs | DuPont

From the dawn of civilization there has been light. The light and heat from the Sun is what keeps us alive. The Sun was so important to many ancient civilizations they even chose to worship it. But over many years our expectations grew we wanted not only heat and light but also non-stop energy at […]

Save Money. Create a Better World. Help Hire Vets.

The major utility companies in California are increasing your rates with no end in sight There is a better way the fact is you can’t afford not to go solar, California Has reached solar parity what this means for the average homeowner is it’s now cheaper to go solar than to continue paying high electricity […]

Smart Grid Products: HE-V Series Power Relay (Part 1)

The ever-increasing market for alternative energy demands a new generation of electronic components for the smart grid of the future. In this four part video, we’ll highlight four products that Panasonic is engineering to provide energy efficient solutions for today’s green energy systems. The first product we’ll talk about is the HE-V Series Power Relay. […]

Smart Grid Products: LF-G Series Power Relay (Part 2)

In part one of our four part series on Panasonic Smart Grid products, we looked at the HE-V Series Power Relay and its usage in DC type applications for solar and battery cutoff. In this video, we’ll highlight the LF-G Series Power Relay and its role in switching AC loads in Smart Grid applications. The […]

David Mackay: A reality check on renewables

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Morton Bast When the Industrial Revolution started, the amount of carbon sitting underneath Britain in the form of coal was as big as the amount of carbon sitting under Saudi Arabia in the form of oil. This carbon powered the Industrial Revolution, it put the “Great” in Great Britain, and led […]

Renewable Energy in San Francisco | Lowering Your Carbon Footprint AND Your Electric Bill

Semper Solaris There has never been a better time for San Francisco residents to jump on the renewable energy bandwagon The most popular type of renewable energy in the twenty-first century is solar because of its ease of use and ability to be installed almost anywhere Those who are fortunate enough to live in areas […]