How People Began Using Fossil Fuels

Decomposing plants and other organisms, buried beneath layers of sediment and rock, have taken millennia to become the carbon-rich deposits we now call fossil fuels. These non-renewable fuels, which include coal, oil, and natural gas, supply about 80 percent of the world’s energy. They provide electricity, heat, and transportation, while also feeding the processes that […]

The president installs solar panels

So today, we’re going to install these six right here. These connects from panel to panel to panel; Lay it on the rail; 240 watt model; When it’s on operation maximum power current; it makes 8.1 amps. Spin it around. If you’re someone who uses solar panels , wind turbines or other alternative energy devices, […]

Most Efficient SOLAR Panels

“Free Energy” Magnetic Fidget Spinner Motor Real?

As you can see, if I move the magnet around the fidget spinner, it spins. this meme is dead Now, lets put a second magnet here. We get the same results as before. Now as you can see, these are real magnets. Now lets take a strong magnet (A neodymium magnet) near it. [Music] I […]

Best Use of Poop: Discover the top uses of poop as an alternative energy source – top 5 video

Discover5 Energy is all around us. Everything in the Universe is made of energy. We are learning to tap into a variety of alternative sources of energy. Examples of alternative energy sources include plants, water, heat, wind, sunlight, and… POOP! 5. Shipping Container Sewage System Engineers from Duke University and the University of Missouri have […]

Environmental Econ: Crash Course Economics #22

Adriene: Welcome to Crash Course Economics. I’m Adriene Hill Jacob: And I’m Jacob Clifford. Economics is about choices, and how we use our scarce resources. It’s not just about producing and consuming, it can also be about conserving. Adriene: Maybe counterintuitively, economics has a lot to add to discussions of how we can balance our […]

What if fossil fuels had never existed? | John Gardner | TEDxBoise

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Peter van de Ven All of us, all of us in this room – in fact, all of humanity is on the same journey together, a journey to a future without fossil fuels. It’s kind of like we’re all crammed onto the same bus, and not surprisingly, it’s not going so […]

These Farmers Want to Free Their Fields of Fossil Fuels

– [Voiceover] Greg and Sandy Brummond live and farm in Northeast Nebraska, just outside the town of Craig. But they’re rarely in their home. Mostly, you’ll find them here. – [Greg] This is our shop that we do most of our repair work. Just literally about lived up here for 10 hours a day it […]

Going All Electric at Home

For me it’s not just about individually getting off fossil fuels or cleaning up my air in my own home. It’s also about saving the planet. And so it can’t just be us that does this – everybody has to be able to do it. Ever wonder what it’s like to electrify everything inside your […]

Where Does All Our Oil Come From?

We all know about oil drilling, but there are way more ways to get fossil fuels. Let’s DRINK THAT MILKSHAKE! Fossil fuels are a worldwide essential resource. We use coal, petroleum, natural gas, propane, diesel, kerosene and so on for manufacturing, fuel, power, heat… Honestly, they’re part of almost everything we do every day. Fossil […]