Diesel – Biodiesel – HydroDiesel (Fuels I Will Be Using for My Diesel Engine Series)

I’m currently filming the first diesel episode in the Warped perception series where show everybody that diesel engine that I’m going to use to attempt to build the first see through diesel engine I wanted to get people’s opinions on the three different types of fuels and I’m going to be using The first one […]

Clean Fuels Ohio Helps Hamilton Clean up With CNG

In 2010, we got a grant from Clean Fuels Ohio, and that meant so much to us. It actually put our vision into action, and with those monies, we were able to get four compressed natural gas vehicles that we have in service right now. For an older city, we’re not though of by a […]

Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels | Benefits Of Alternative Fuels – Alternative Fuels Tips-

The Benefits of Using Alternative Fuels. Alternative fuels have more benefits to offer to the drivers and car enthusiasts. These products can provide a lot of great contributions in the operations of the car industry. Scientific studies have already proven that these fuels are not only useful in improving the way of living of a […]

Science stories – Sustainability

For me, the biggest problem facing the planet is energy. How are we going to find enough energy without warming up the planet so much that we destroy our environment? I was a research student here in the 1970s and looking around the quad is much the same now as it was then. No big […]