How Solar Storms Affect Life on Earth

Did you know that there are terminator events in the life of our sun that can spawn a solar tsunami – colossal and super-fast waves of pure burning plasma making the magnetic poles of the sun go bonkers and literally flip? Sounds scary! So scary in fact, I couldn’t resist learning more about it so […]

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Amazing Energy Facts To Blow Your Mind

Energy is pretty amazing! So amazing that as a species we use around 15 terawatts at any given moment! That’s equivalent to 15 trillion watts. Consider this average light bulb which consumes roughly 100 watts. One single terawatt could power 10 billion of them at the same time. Of the world’s energy, the US consumes […]

15 AMAZING Statistics For 2050!

15th Amazing Statistics For 2050 15. World Population- According to the United Nations, the current population of the world is at 7.3 billion and is expected to grow even more. It’s projected to reach 8.5 billion people by 2030 and by 2050, it’s expected to reach 9.7 billion. China and India are currently the world’s […]