Britain’s Largest Battery Is Actually A Lake

We learn about conservation of energy in school. How you can take potential energy, like the energy in the chemicals in this battery, and you can then just convert it to electrical energy. And then convert that to whatever you can find a use for. A battery is just a store of potential energy. And […]

Containing the Worst Nuclear Disaster in History: Chernobyl’s New Confinement Structure

This is how you contain the worst nuclear disaster in humanity’s history. This is the New Safe Confinement structure, at Reactor 4 at Chernobyl. In 1986, the nuclear power plant here exploded — and that is a sentence you never ever want to hear. The local area was evacuated, and it won’t be safe to […]

Inside The Tunnels That Will Store Nuclear Waste For 100,000 Years

– There’s an urban legend that when grave-robbers found their way to ancient Egyptian tombs, there were warnings they ignored. “Do not open this tomb. “Do not steal the riches inside. “You will be cursed and you will die.” It’s not true. Not just the curses aren’t real, but those warnings were just an urban […]

The World’s First Solar Powered Train

– When I heard that there was a 100% solar powered train in the world, I thought: that’s a ridiculous idea. Of course solar power isn’t enough to move a massive, heavy train. There isn’t even a practical solar powered car on the market, and yet, here it is. Welcome to Byron Bay, Australia, home […]