Iran is a nuclear power already

What Does a Nuclear Bomb Explosion Feel Like?

Exploring an Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant

(Narrator) Right now we’re making our way to the site of an abandoned nuclear power plant it’s been over 25 years since the plant last operated. – There’s cameras. I don’t know if they’re active though. Oh that’s a door open, holy shit. Holy shit. Alright. We did it. We are– you okay? – Oh […]

88,000 tons of radioactive waste – and nowhere to put it

(pulsing music) – [Narrator] If you were an evil mastermind, and you said “Where could I put nuclear waste that would really scare the bejeezus out of people?” It’s hard to think of one that’s worse than San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. (waves crashing) – [Rachel Becker] This is the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, […]



Power to the Planet – Solar

Every hour of every day, the sun beams more than enough energy onto our planet to satisfy global electricity demands for an entire year. Solar is also a fuel source that the electricity industry is really expanding into- in terms of large commercial solar installations. Thirty years ago, solar cells could only convert a few […]

Powering the Planet (Full program)

Male Narrator: Earth’s population has now passed seven billion. And world energy consumption is projected to increase more than 25% during the next 15 years, and may nearly double by the year 2050. But how much energy we need, and how we get it, depends on choices we make now. And those energy choices have […]

Spain Privatizes the Sun: Solar Power Collection Tax

solar power in Spain a lot of people are angry that spain has essentially privatize the sunday put together a consumption tax on solar power via a Royal Decree it taxes people who are gathering sunlight on the wrong in other words you can pay to have a professional installation done um up solar panels […]

Mass Price Drop in Solar Power: No Longer ‘Alternative?’

big dropped in solar power prices and hopefully it will make alternative energy no longer alternative there’s an article in the economist which talks about the price of photobook uh… the cost of photovoltaic bubble take cells per what but they generate right now in nineteen seventy seven it would cost seven little over seventy […]

Cheap 5V solar panel power test

In this video we go to test this cheap Chinese solar panel. Item size is 26 x 14 cm Weight is only 102 g and it’s very thin (about 1 mm) Panel contains voltage regulator which output should be 5V Maximal output current shoud be 1,2 A Let’s test the voltage Open-circuit voltage is 5.06 […]