As Elon Musk Proposes Taking Over Power Authority, Puerto Ricans Demand Community-Owned Solar Power

AMY GOODMAN: So, as the governor announced they were going to try to cancel this Whitefish Energy contract, on Sunday, we were in the offices of Ángel Figueroa Jaramillo. He is the head of UTIER, the electrical workers’ union in Puerto Rico. We were asking him about Elon Musk’s proposal to make Puerto Rico a […]

Can nuclear power save us from climate catastrophe? MIT professor weighs in

I want to ask you about the push by some, saying nuclear power is the answer, in the climate crisis, to the reliance on oil and gas. Yes. You know, if we’re going to fully replace fossil fuels, we will have to build 12,000 new reactors around the globe. There are about 400 now. So […]

Standing Rock Sioux Launch Wind & Solar Renewable Energy Projects After Winning Henry Wallace Award

AMY GOODMAN: Chairman Dave Archambault, talk about what it is you’re doing now just a few miles from the Dakota Access pipeline, where the oil is flowing. The fossil fuel industry has succeeded in building that. But what are you now doing at Standing Rock? DAVE ARCHAMBAULT II: We have over 12 communities on Standing […]