Why Do Electric Cars Only Have 1 Gear?

Hello everyone, and welcome. In this video we will be answering the question why do electric cars only have one gear. This will be the first of a five-part series brought to you by Formula E, who I’ve partnered with to talk about the engineering behind electric cars. I had the opportunity to get behind […]

Can You Tune Electric Cars For More Power?

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we’ll be discussing the question “Is it possible to tune an electric car for more power? In a similar manner to how you can tune an internal combustion engine for more power.” This is the third of a five part series where i’ve partnered with Formula E to […]

The World’s Quickest and Fastest Electric Drag Car – Don Garlits & Holley EVI

We went to Hurst, we took the car completely apart, I say we, my wife and I, that’s all there was, there wasn’t even a helper. Took it completely apart, laid it out on the ground, they photographed it, it was a famous picture, me by all of the parts, put it back together, and […]

Bank of America Deactivates My Card ~ Leaves Me Stuck

oh good afternoon everyone what’s the old saying and the only been guaranteed life is death and taxes right how about change I’m gonna add change to that it is a guarantee especially on the road I have been coming here to this spot for five years in fact Panama City Beach was the very […]

Electric Cars Could Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade

The world is running out of oil. At least that was the idea behind the “peak oil” hypothesis that dominated economic thinking for decades. But it turns out that with fracking, deep-water drilling, and oil sands, there’s a lot more oil in the world than we once thought. The old “peak oil” theory ain’t happening. […]

What’s next for oil? | CNBC Explains

It’s a resource that has started wars and caused global market turmoil. Oil fuels more than half of the world’s transportation like cars, planes, and trucks. But in the age of electric vehicles and renewable energy – is the oil era over? Well, it all depends who you ask. This chart from the International Energy […]

Missouri Wind and Solar & USA SolarWorld solar panels

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri Wind and Solar and I want to show you the new SolarWorld mono solar panels we’re starting to carry. These are really nice panels, they’re made in America, and I’ll give you a look at the backside so you can see what it looks like. Okay, there’s the specs […]

Learn Russian Vocabulary | Topic: Electricity

Why do i need need all these electrical stuff? Why should I know how they are all called? Why do I need a topic electricity? Friends you can ask me such a question, and I will answer you, that electricity is what we interact with everyday. Look, I have a huge amount here of devices […]

What If All Cars Were Electric?

There was a time when our city streets sounded like this: Today, they sound like this: But what will the streets of tomorrow sound like? it’s only a matter of time before the internal combustion engine sputters out for good. This is ‘What If,’ and here’s what would happen if all cars went electric. In […]


– [Narrator] This week, Robert Downey Junior goes vegan. Panera Bread plans to cut meat from half of it’s menu. And Joaquin Phoenix attends a pig vigil after the SAG Awards. All this and more on LIVEKINDLY’s Weekly Vegan News. If you’re new to our channel, you can subscribe by hitting the leaf icon in […]