André Borschberg & Bertrand Piccard on their Excitement of Embracing the Unknown | Google Zeitgeist

>>Bertrand Piccard: Good afternoon to everyone. Let me start by a question. Who are we? You know, in the entrance of the conference hall it’s written, “Everyone is looking for new things all the time.” And actually I’m not sure it’s true. I believe that maybe here in this room, we are all looking for […]

Solar (Freaking) Impulse – A Solar Airplane That Uses Solar Energy

Once upon a time there were two men that had a dream that went beyond your imagination introducing Solar Impulse Uhh… So wait Is it just like a simple plane? No it uses no fuel No fuel? No fuel, no petrol, not one single drop But how?! Because of solar cells Solar Impulse is a […]

Solar Impulse Airplane – Solar Impulse 2 Wings – #Discover

72 metres long, covered in solar cells, ultra light, and allowing Solar Impulse to fly day and night This is the Solar Impulse wing An extraordinary flight called for an extraordinary wing to be built wider than a Boeing-747 Solar Impulse 2 has a wingspan of 72 metres an additional 9 metres from the prototype […]