Simulated Image Shows the Power of NASA’s WFIRST

[Music throughout] Narrator: When it opens its eyes to our universe in the mid-2020s, WFIRST, the Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope, will capture images unlike any satellite before it. WFIRST will have the same image resolution as Hubble, but will cover an area 100 times larger. WFIRST will also view the sky in carefully selected […]

Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End | Unveiled

The Surprising Ways the Solar System Could End Our planet has gone through a number of mass extinctions, yet somehow life has managed to survive. But the Earth is only one small part of the solar system as a whole… and it would take a lot more than a single stray meteor to threaten the […]

The science of expansion: Andromeda, gravity, and the ‘Big Rip’ | Michelle Thaller

One of the questions I get asked most commonly as an astronomer is if almost all the galaxies in the universe are flying away from us in space, why is the Andromeda Galaxy getting closer to us? Does that somehow mean that the Big Bang works differently in different parts of the universe? And the […]