How do you read the data sheet for a solar panel ?

In this video, I want to walk you through a data sheet of a solar, solar panel, and I’ve just picked one of these solar panels randomly. So I’ve picked this Panda Series solar panels which is sold by this company Yingli Solar. It is one of the larger manufacturers of crystalline and multi-crystalline based […]

Economics of solar panels: now or wait ?

[MUSIC] this government lab called NREL, or National Renewable Energy Lab, which is a very good resource, which plots out all these maps, solar spectrum, and all kind of other resources for renewable energy, and renews them every year as well. And, what it shows here is solar energy in the United States. And, if […]

Thin film solar cells: amorphous silicon, CdTe, CIGS and organic cells

[MUSIC] All right, so what I want to focus on today is these four, tenform technologies. And these are all made on, amorphous material and we’ll use some of those concepts to understand this technology. And most of these are located at this bottom of this curve, so there’s a you know famous quote saying […]

Solar: Levelized Cost of Enegy (LCOE)

Hi, folks. So what I want to do in this video is to introduce this term, which is Levelized Cost of Energy. And sometimes it’s also abbreviated as LCOE. And this LCOE is a very important matrix, because it’s often used to essentially compare the different options that you might have for energy generation. So, […]

Blackbody limit for solar energy conversion: part 1

So I’ve spent a quite a few uh videos on uh talking about this maximum efficiency for a solar energy conversion and in the last few years I derive this the what’s car this lines burglary it tough for us order energy conversion and it’s given by this for better so important limits that they […]