Dangers of Nuclear Power Documentary Film

we have an epidemic in this population and I might say needlessly people work underneath no I don’t think they should in order to vent those Minds you have to pump out the air within that mind which is radioactive they didn’t give it any instruction nothing nothing didn’t tell us nothing when was the […]

Why is nuclear fusion not used to generate electricity? | #aumsum

Topic: Nuclear fusion. Why is nuclear fusion not used to generate electricity? You really want to know the answer to this, right? But wait. Before answering the question, let us understand what is meant by nuclear fusion. When two lighter nuclei combine to form a heavy nucleus, a large amount of energy is released. This […]

3 Reasons Why Nuclear Energy Is Terrible! 2/3

three reasons why we should stop using nuclear energy one. nuclear weapons proliferation nuclear technology made a violent entrance onto the world stage just one year after the world’s first-ever nuclear test explosion in 1944 two large cities were destroyed by just two single bombs after that, reactor technology slowly evolved as a means of […]

String Theory Explained – What is The True Nature of Reality?

What is the true nature of the universe? To answer this question, humans come up with stories to describe the world. We test our stories and learn what to keep and what to throw away. But the more we learn, the more complicated and weird our stories become. Some of them so much so, that […]

A Solar-Powered Step In The Fight Against Water Scarcity | Joe’s Big Idea | NPR

I grew up in Southern California, where I was exposed to severe droughts at an early age. Water is so essential in our daily lives. But there are places where there just isn’t the infrastructure. In fact, 844 million people lack easy access to safe drinking water. Access to water should be a right for […]

Nukey – The little nuclear rod (anti nuclear power clip)

Heeeeelllooo, my name is Nukey – the little nuclear rod! I’m soooooooo full of engergy and absolutly controllable! …not Therefore I’m much better and more fun than this stinky, gay windcraft. Sometimes I could nearly burst because of all that fresh and clean energy…. Hahahahaha. Hahahahaaa.

Season 4, Episode 73 – Under the Weather | Red vs. Blue

*Intro Music* Tucker: *Groaning* Church: Man, he sounds terrible. Caboose: Yeah, he’s been like that since the swamp. Church: Swamp? You guys were at a swamp? Caboose: Yeah. It was dark and swampy. I WASN’T SCARED AT ALL. Church: Is this why you guys came home so fast? Caboose: No… we came home because the […]

What if all Cars were Electric? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. What if all Cars were Electric? Why only cars. Even I look electric. Oh AumSum. There would be a number of advantages. As electric cars are considered to be much more environmentally friendly. Firstly, air pollution will greatly reduce. As it is estimated that road transportation is responsible for. More than 50% […]