Cosmic Journeys – Earth in 1000 Years

Ice in its varied forms covers as much as 16% of Earth’s surface, including 33% of land areas at the height of the northern winter. Glaciers, sea ice, permafrost, ice sheets and snow play an important role in Earth’s climate. They reflect energy back to space, shape ocean currents, and spawn weather patterns. But there […]

20190301 Solar Panels

We’re installing some solar panels primarily to help with the power on station and reduce the amount of diesel that we burn. Back in the real world the sun typically goes overhead. Down here at the very low latitudes in the southern hemisphere the sun typically doesn’t get much above the horizon, so the wall […]

Scientists Just Got One Step Closer to Solving an Antarctic Mystery

In recent news, floating robots and elephant seals joined a scientific research team to help solve a mystery about our polar seas. Ok, there are giant, recurring holes called polynyas that tend to pop up in both the Arctic and Antarctic that scientists just did not understand. And no, these aren’t caused by the regular […]