What If All The World’s Electricity Went Out? #QnA

Hi guys! Raccoon Max is here! Today I am going to answer some very interesting questions that you posted in the comments of previous videos. And if you want your question to appear on the next “question and answer” video, write them in the comments below with the hashtag #QnA. DidYouKnow asks: What Would Happen […]

NASA’s Fermi Finds Vast ‘Halo’ Around Nearby Pulsar

(Music throughout) This pulsar’s vast gamma-ray halo may explain a key observation about antimatter near Earth. [Big Dipper to scale] Pulsars are rapidly spinning neutron stars, the superdense remnants of supernovae explosions. NASA’s Fermi mission has observed one nearby pulsar, Geminga, for more than 10 years. The data are now so detailed that when scientists […]

Did Another Universe Exist Before This One? | Unveiled

Did Another Universe Exist Before Us? For decades, now, popular scientific consensus has held that the universe is around 14 billion years old, and that it can be dated back to one specific origin point: what many call “the Big Bang”. But, after years of research, we’re still debating what the Big Bang really was, […]

Why the Weak Nuclear Force Ruins Everything

[♪ INTRO] The weak nuclear force gets short shrift among the four fundamental forces of nature. People wax on about the marvels of gravity that holds entire worlds together. They’ll detail electromagnetism, which lets us see and keeps us from falling through the floor. They’ll even praise the strong nuclear force that fights to keep […]

Nuclear Reactions, Radioactivity, Fission and Fusion

hey guys its professor Dave, let’s learn about nuclear reactions the electromagnetic force is responsible for the entirety of chemical phenomena. that positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons are attracted to one another is the reason that atoms form, the reason that chemical bonds and therefore molecules form, the reason that those chemical bonds […]

Will We Ever Time Travel? Scientists Say ‘No’ Based on This New Discovery

So, this is probably what you think of when you picture an atom, right? The thing is, the central part of this model is just plain inaccurate. Scientists recently found the nucleus of some atoms don’t look like this at all, and it’s causing a ruckus because well, this newfound shape straight up shouldn’t exist. […]