Side of Pole Enclosure for Wind & Solar | Missouri Wind and Solar

Hi everybody, I’m Jeff from Missouri wind and solar and I want to show you our new steel enclosed box that we came up with, It mounts to the side of a pole. This enclosure we made was meant for a pond aeration kit. Of course, you could just put a battery in here if […]

The Winter Greenhouse, grow in -40’C (2018)

Imagine taking the heat from the sun in the summer, storing it, and then using it to heat a greenhouse in the winter! Heating a greenhouse costs so much in Canada in the winter that it’s cheaper to truck food in from 1000’s of miles away. Trucked in food is chemically ripened and tastes horrible. […]

Outdoor aquaponics with solar power

Hi! I’m going to demonstrate the aquaponics system that just got moved outside. The previous video shows it in the basement, and this is the same setup, just outdoors. So we’ll start out with the power source. Instead of using wall current like I was using in the basement, I’m using a solar charged battery. […]

Solar Powered Aquaponic System Grows Fish and Vegetables Anywhere

This is John Kohler with Todaywe have another exciting episode for you, here in Irvine, CA, on a field trip at the Orange Co. Great Park and we’re at the Great Park, Orange County Farm & Food Lab. And whenever I come to Orange Co., I like to visit the Orange Co. Great Park […]

Solar Powered Aquaponics

Bonk! That is how goats love each other! Give him a bonk. He has been bonked enough where he knows. Baby Goats! Urban Farmer since day one! Today, we are going to show you how to go off-grid with your aquaponics, to make an IBC tote aquaponics system, powered by the sun for under $400. […]

GRAND TOUR – Aquaponic Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

Welcome to the Aquaponic Geodesic Dome Greenhouse tour. Throughout the video, I will provide links to past videos that will detail each area. This is a 32.5′ 3V dome with a shed area built into the north side. It took a little over 2 years to construct the greenhouse and setup the aquaponic system. For […]

Off the grid Aquaponics

Hello sustainable growers. This is Jonathan from Melbourne Aquaponics. And today, I would like to talk about a solar aquaponics system. So a lot of you who are interested into having a setup completely off the grid, which means, not plugged to anything, able to run by itself all the time and without — with […]